Saturday, January 29, 2011

Laughing Raina pulls Erik to her side of the table. She nods her head towards the booth where Star is sitting alone or at least looks to be alone. Erik turns to look and starts to take a step and Raina stops him, “It'll be okay, just watch...”

A young man seeing Star sitting alone decides to try and talk to her. She is still laughing at Erik and Nick when he approaches her table. He stops at the booth and starts to say something when he hears a low rumbling growl coming from under the table. Star starts to giggle even harder at the shocked look on his face and at the speed at which he is trying to back up.

Erik is looking puzzled until he sees Panther stick her head out to make sure the offending male is a good distance away from Star.

“She darted under there as soon as you got up. I hope you dont mind. And I need to talk to you sometime...about the Eddas...its kind of important...” Raina looks around and doesnt see Inari.

“As long as we dont have to start at the beginning... it was long enough the first time around... is something wrong? You seem on edge....” Erik motions to Star to join them, not wanting her to sit alone with an unknown vampire in the room.

“Not on edge really, just have a lot on my mind tonight. I need your opinion on something to make sure I am interpreting correctly... We can talk later”

Star approaches with Panther. She is still giggling when she sits with Raina, “Did you see?”

“Yes little sister, I saw. We will need to get you a protector of your own...” Raina hugs Star as her thoughts wander, She will need more than we know if this prophecy is even half true... I know they love each other more than anything, you would have to be blind not to notice, but such a test....

Raina sighs and looks at her brother and then at Nick. “Would you two stop this shit? I mean really, just stop it. Sit down and quit glaring at each other. I dont want to spend the night playing referee. You are my two favorite men in the world, can you just try to get along for once? For me? Please?”

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