Monday, January 31, 2011

Traeger had fetched the cradle after leaving Pandora; and it sat beside them at the table... many admirers stopping to assess its beauty.Traeger told Rowan; "Lots of news today, births and more weddings... I'm going to run this up to the new parents... be right back" Rowan smiled as he left, and it was just moments before he was knocking on Pandora's door. "Its just me, little girl,"... he said as he stuck his head in; grinning at Ob. He stepped in and set the cradle on the edge of the bed where Pandora could see it without disturbing Chloe... "Ob and I finished Chloe's cradle." Pandora started crying... "It's okay, they're happy tears, I have never seen anything so intricate and beautiful; it looks like work of the fairies with its delicate blooms and jewels." The two little faes, Miko and Rachal, fairly puffed out their chests at mention of fairy beauty. Traeger kisses her cheek, and bent lower to kiss Chloe's forehead... "Nothing is too good for my little princess."

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