Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keon leans close over the table, his voice softer than usual.

"It seems I have two things for you. One is news of the hunt, the other pertains to glad tidings I hear. Which would you have first?"

Star's eyes flash through colors, orange to red, then back to orange. She looks up at Erik, then at the box and cloth laying on the table. Erik nods to Star, letting her answer. "D-de-depends. How b-bad is the n-n-news?"

"My lady, the ... shite have been tracked and will be brought to heel. Hounds will worry them until they have nowhere else to run. How would you have their Justice meted out?" her eyes go wide, their color shifting too fast to follow. Keon gracefully waves a hand, brushing aside the subject. "Think on it, and when you decide, I will pass the choice to Lord Twillon's ears."

Keon moves the box to the middle of the table. "Now, this is something nice, I pray. I was going to give this to you, and this" he touches the cloth, "to you, Erik, as gifts of friendship. Now, I find their is a moment of joy in your lives and pray you accept these as betrothal gifts. It is a tradition among my People to gift a sister with nature, and her betrothed with something in his interests. Would you accept such gifts from me?"

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