Sunday, January 30, 2011

I chuckle at the question. "I guess Gareth didn't tell you everything after all. Well, maybe he didn't know; no reason he should.

Raina - I don't speak for all vampires, but for many of us, marking a lover is almost like giving someone an engagement ring. You don't do it with everyone. You only do it with that one person that means the most to you, that person that makes you feel alive again.

Now, sure, there are vamps that hand out bites like Halloween candy, just like there are humans that use engagement rings to get a girl into bed. I'm not one of them. I'm never going to mark Gareth, nor anyone else who shares our bed. Bite - yes, probably; mark, no. That's for you and only you."

I give her the best smile I can manage with a mouthful of fangs. "I love you, Raina. There may someday be others that I care about, but there's no one else like you. There never will be."

She gives me an almost-shy smile and climbs into bed, her warmth against my chill… "I love you, Nick. Always, lover, or as much of 'always' as we've got left."

Kissing is awkward with fangs, so I settle for cupping her breasts in my hands, teasing her nipples to hardness. She moans, the sound erecting the hair on the back of my neck, and her legs open. I reach down and tease her wet lips while my tongue plays with her nipples. I let the pinpoints of my fangs rest on the slope of a breast and press down. She sighs throatily, her eyes veiled and I probe deeper. She's dripping wet, ready for this. My mouth moves lower, biting frequently but not - quite - penetrating. "Oh gods, Nick," she moans, her legs scissoring. "Oh baby, please - don't tease me."

I lie between her thighs and my tongue moves to lick at her - just the inner thighs at first, but gradually going higher. My fangs trace thin red lines over her soft skin and a shudder ripples up her spine. My tongue stabs inside her, fast and hard, and she drenches my face as she wails with her first orgasm. My tongue moves inside her, fast as that of any snake, holding her hips tightly, pressing into her… She lets out a mewling cry and like a snake I strike, sinking my fangs into her inner thigh. I drink and her voice spirals up and up and up, till she screams soundlessly and cums again.

Quickly now, I lift her hips, bring her legs against my chest, and slide deep, filling her sweet hot cunt with my thick hard shaft. I can feel tremors racing up her spine as I pound into her, taking her, making her mine, mine like never before. Her legs suddenly lock around my waist and she pulls me in deeper still, fucking back at me, her lips drawn back from her teeth, snarling with lust. "Gods, Nick, fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum like that again." I ram into her, hard - fast - deep, claiming her body, making her truly mine. Our lovemaking is hard and ruthless, but no less inspired by love. We rut like animals till Raina cums again with a scream and as I feel her spasm, my fangs pierce her throat.

She cums and cums as I explode deep inside her, giving her my hot juices, filling her as I drink from the font of her life….

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