Monday, January 31, 2011

Your Mujer is not mad at you, cooza.

Ob's eyes meet Silk's and he sighs, pulling Pandora closer. Chloe's eyes follow everything, even tracking something in the shadows. He feels her unease and sends her comfort. Pandora's brow wrinkles.

"What is it Ob?"

"I am not sure Bruha. Chloe is not liking the feel of something. Silk? You ride in the shadows. What do you feel?"

Chloe's eyes have tracked to the shadows near the door. Silk's gaze follows her eyes and she pulls Ob into her mind, Chloe and Pandora are soon connected as well.

That is not a regular shadow. It has sentience. I am not liking that it has made it this far into the inner sanctums. Her mind traces it to the hallways next level down, only to lose it when it passes through the fringe of a couples passion. Ob ,I have something about which to speak with you. In light of this... intrusion into your lives, I think you should think about Magnus' offer.

Ob can tell the standing is beginning to take its toll on Pandora. He gets her settled in a cushioned chair and takes Chloe from Silk, settling her in her mother's arms. Silk pulls a desk chair closer and leans her elbows on her knees. Miko and Rachal have perch themselves close, knowing the Deamoness would not deny them the right to listen.

"Magnus... Mortuis, if you will... would like to extend his protection to Chloe, as he has to Tara and Tomas. There are things in the world that, unfortunately, would prey on the innocent. Being a Gargoyle and Witch make you formidable foes, mi coozi, but being stone half the time, or human..." She nods to first Ob then Pandora, "Well... none of us are able to be there a hundred percent, are we?"

Ob nods somberly. Silk can feel his mind working over his worry for Pandora when he rests. He never thought of his time as stone as a prison, but now he sees those times as being unable to care for his Mujer and child. Chloe reaches up and tugs at an errant lock of his hair. Her tug becomes insistent and he looks down into his little one's eyes. She catches Pandora's gaze and grips her finger, then looks at Silk.

Pandora's voice is quiet, thoughtful as she speaks. "He doesn't offer this type of thing lightly, does he? I mean, I've seen him in action." Silk smiles fondly, having seen her love in action in so many ways. Ob laughs, bringing a true smile to Pandora's face.

"Cooza, tell the Sorcerer we accept." As she rises to go, Ob stops her. "We would like him present when the demifae give their gifts. Keon, too."

She nods and sweeps from the room.

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