Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pandora stirs in her sleep; she glances across the room and sees Ob's outline in the room... he stayed inside with them tonight. She mused about their lovemaking... it was so full of power and feeling... they were  more boisterous than they have been for awhile with the babe coming... she could not control herself, and once she let go Obsidian followed.

Pandora feels her daughter... it is different, a sharp pain hits her gut and she sucks in her breath... no... its too soon, it should be at least two more weeks... she thinks guiltily of their very physical lovemaking and blames herself. Another wave of pain hits; and she slips from bed... dragging on her robe before the little fae that guards her can see her nakedness. She wants Ob so bad... and crosses the room to the patio doors to wrap her arms around his stony shape. "Obsidian, I'm worried... I think our daughter may be coming too soon..." Tears slip from the corners of her eyes and fall on the surface of Obsidian's head... again she feels a wrenching pain, and at her feet a pool of wetness gathers in the filtered sunlight of the doorway. She has read enough to realize her water broke... the child will be born now; whether it is ready to survive or not.

Pandora slips down to the floor and leans against Obsidian, her arms wrapped around her belly as she croons to Chloe... "I'm sorry little one, you are coming now, I hope you are ready for the world"... another pain hits and she realizes the little fae is flying about her... quite excited by her actions... "Its the baby, she's coming... please go downstairs and get someone for me".... He looks anxious at leaving; but finally flies off down the stairs leaving Pandora alone with Ob.

"Josephito, I wish you were awake now, I am afraid for our little one"... she lies back against him and tries to breathe evenly through the pain... tears wetting her cheeks and her hands protectively caressing her belly... feeling the movements as her daughter travels down the birth canal toward them. She knows it will be hours yet; and Ob will most likely awaken before it is time.

A wave of incredible loving feeling hits her... and she instantly relaxes, her body losing its tenseness... it's coming from Chloe... she senses it... and another wave, stronger and more intense. joins it... this is Ob... they are both reassuring her... even if his body still slumbers he is with her in mind. She closes her eyes as the pain eases up and she leans back, waiting for help from downstairs.

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