Saturday, January 29, 2011

The guy in the back booths raises Ike's alert. He hasn't done anything that she can see, and the girl he was dancing with seems to be having a blast. She shakes her head and moves off to take another drink order. Should she mention something to Monty and Patti? She so didn't want to say something to Pan. Ob would throw the guy out just for being unnerving. He was off the scale right now with his protectiveness. Lord help us when Chloe is born, she thinks.

The girl helping tonight isn't doing well. She was so enthusisatic about working, now all she wants to do is hang with her friends. Ike watches the girl a moment, then notices another of the college girls staring at the guy. Her friends are snapping their fingers in her face and getting the barest responses.

Handing her orders in to Patti, she collects a quick kiss from Monty. "Babe? Isn't that the were that was bitten?" He looks where she points with her chin, nodding. "Well.. she keeps staring at the vamp in the back. Is that the guy who attacked her?"

Monty shakes his head, telling her she had described him as old and putrid smelling. "That vamp has youthfulness and sex appeal." He kisses her lightly. "Not getting ideas about attracting his attention are you?"

Ike laughs and strokes his face. "Nope, he just... I don't know. Strikes me as trouble, y'know?"

Patti nods, sliding her drinks to her.

"Honey, say something to Nick? Or call Silk and have her ask Mortuis about him?" Ike mutters to herself as she moves off with her tray. "Bad enough having that redheaded bitch out and about."

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