Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pandora looked for the first time into her daughter's face; she had porcelain skin, and roses graced her cheeks and rosebud mouth... the eyes looking into hers were the same icey blue that graced Obsidian, and the soft curls gracing her head were black like hers, but multicolored highlights caught the light, another of her father's gifts. "She's beautiful..." Pandora turned her about to look at her and she noticed the folds of skin on her back... "Obsidian, she will fly like you one day, I think... this looks like maybe future wing material" She knew from the look in Ob's eyes he was thrilled that Pandora looked on it as a gift instead of a curse. "I think she's perfect, I wouldn't change a thing." Looking into her daughter's eyes she said "Chloe, this is the first of many days we will spend together... I must give your papa and grandfather a turn"... the baby gurgled at her and again she felt the swell of love... apparently this would always be between them.

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