Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pandora was exalted by her dance with Obsidian... his possesive manner and sexual grinds against her reminded her of the dragon within. She looked at him lovingly as she scooped the spicy meat and vegetable mixture onto a tortilla and took a bite... he grinned at her enjoyment and she gave him an answering grin as soon as she chewed the bite. Chloe was doing her typical dinner movements; you would have thought she was consuming the food herself. 

The talk around the table was cheerful and Pandora was excited by Tori's idea about the gallery. Life seemed to be looking up for everyone, they all were finding niches for themselves in the community... Ike taking over some of the management duties was exciting to her... she could have more time with the baby and her Josephito. Monty did much of the liquor ordering and Patti seemed to be finding more excitement in preparing gourmet dishes to serve, than waiting bar... Ike would be a godsend.

Pandora asked Tori... "Do you think you'd have time to go with me this week and pick out a few things for Chloe's room?... I trust your artistic flair and I want this to be perfect for our princess." Ob laughed at her comment, "I think 0ur babe is going to be more interested in her mama than her room for awhile."... as he said it his eyes were staring at her, and her breasts that were close to overflowing her dress... she blushed; she was always hungry for Ob right now, and he felt it too....

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