Monday, October 17, 2016

Ramji stretches. He is stiff and in pain, but that is better than the alternative. Guunnar's tripping was the best thing that happened. At least his head is still attached. The Croatian moves slowly, not just to avoid more pain, but mostly to avoid waking the woman cuddled against his side. Breathing deeply, Ramji rises quietly from the bed. Basil and Mint. He struggles one handed, trying to slip into his jeans. He mutters under his breath to keep from cursing out loud.

"What are you doing?"

The Rider stills instantly. Looking over his shoulder he whispers, "Going to get coffee...?"

"I'm awake Ramji. I've been awake for the last half hour. I just didn't want to wake you." Laila shakes her head. "Sit down. I will help you."

Ramji drops onto the edge of the bed, knowing not to argue with her when she is using that tone. He smiles at the top of her head as Laila kneels before him to ease the pants over his lower legs.

"Stand up.... and just WHAT are you smiling at?"

"Nothing. I missed you." She raises a brow at him. He stands and she helps him pull up the jeans, buttoning his fly. Her fingers linger over the fabric, gently stroking. He captures her hand in his good one. Bringing them to his lips, he kisses the tips. "Do your hands still hurt?"

"Sometimes. Weather like this," She glances out the window at the gently falling snow. "Oh yes. Star keeps me supplied with the ointment." She touches his cheek, just below a wicked scratch. "I was thinking, maybe you could use some..."

He grins, his eyes dancing. "As you wish." At her frown, he chuckles. "I am not blonde and handsome." She opens her mouth to speak and he touches her lips, shaking his head. "Laila, I am well aware I am a forbidding looking man with my tattooed face and grim expressions. Dmitri tells me that often. He really is amazed that you did not run screaming from me."

The corners of her eyes crinkle as she covers her mouth with her hand to keep from laughing, "Why would you want to be blonde? You are dark and dangerous." She kisses him lightly. "Besides, I prefer Inigo to Westley." She grabs a robe as she darts from the room, Ramji on her heels.

"Laila! when did you see the movie? And, WHERE are you going?"

She laughs, pulling her robe over her flannel nightgown as she reaches the top of the stairs. " I am Nanny to Alise and Stoney's children. Movies are a given, especially movies with swords, princesses, and warriors. And... I thought you wanted coffee, My Inigo."

Ramji laughs, a sound that has become more common the longer he is with Laila.

The sound of a clearing throat interrupts the couple before they can head down the stairs. They turn to see Guunnar leaning against the doorframe of his room.The giant is holding his head looking pained.

*"Ach, nicht so laut. Mein kopf feels as if Andvari's smitheries are recreating Valhalla's armory." He holds a finger to his lips. "Shhhh. Kvietly. I tink I might... explode."

Laila giggles, and murmurs to Ramji. "Ala mode."

Guunnar peers blearily at the couple. "Vat?"

"Ever see 'The Princess Bride', Guun?"

Guunnar sighs. "Ramji, Ich hast known many princesses who haff become brides. Vat does dat haff to do mit ice cream?"

The Rider shakes his head. "No Guunnar, a movie. Come ^moj prijatelj, let's get some coffee and we will tell you about it."

Guunnar pushes away from the door frame and lumbers toward the couple. "Ja, Koffee ist gut idea. Ramji, du needs shirt. Might be chill in bar." Guunnar drops his robe over Ramji's shoulders. The smaller man looks like a toddler playing dressup. "~Ja, ist gut genug. Come tell me of dis movie... and vy Ich bin Fezzik." The Viking lumbers down the stairs followed by Lalia and Ramji.

Laila looks at her lover in surprise. Ramji shrugs. "Guunn?"


"I thought you didn't know the movie."

Guunnar just smiles and continues down the stairs.

*"Ah, not so loud. My head feels as if Andarvi's smitheries are recreating Valhalla's armory."

^my friend.

~Yes, is good enough.