Saturday, March 17, 2012

Once we get through the Gate, I feel exhaustion settle over me like a lead cloak. Time runs differently in Faerie, so I can't be sure how much time has passed in Exton, but it feels like two days at least. Three days is approaching the danger zone, both in terms of my need for rest and my thirst. I need to get home, feed and rest - in something approaching that order.

I fly on ahead while the elvensteeds shift into something less conspicuous and Raina mounts her bike. Maybe tomorrow night she can mount me... I grin tiredly as the Lodge comes in sight and I drop down for a landing.

My keys are in my hand before my feet touch ground. I unlock the place and leave the door open for the others while I make my way to my room-slash-grave. I open up the coffin and shrug my duster off and onto the coat hook mounted on the wall. I yawn mightily - hard habit to break - and then I feel eyes on me. I turn, my lips already shaping the words to summon Johnny - but it's only Ky, standing in the shadows, watching with a smile at the corner of her mouth.


"No, I just wanted to watch." She grins. "You have a nice body and I don't see as much of it as I'd like."

"Be my guest." I strip quickly, not trying to be sexy. I can feel the weariness dragging at me.... I open the dorm fridge in the corner and take out a bottle of beef blood, knock back two-thirds of it in two long gulps, then replace it. I can feel some of my strength return, but too little too late. I'll need to remember that for any future trips to Faerie.

I turn to look at Ky - and find her naked, watching me, her clothes in a puddle around her feet. I start to say something, but she steps into my arms and kisses me hard, her body welded to mine. Thank the gods I don't have to breathe....

Long moments later, she steps back. "Thanks. I just needed my Nick fix." She grins impishly. "Hope we can get together again soon, fang-face."

I smile. "I don't think you'll miss me tonight. I'm sure Gareth and Raina can make room for you."

"Oh yeah, we've already talked about that, and we're good... still, it'll be nice to have some time alone with you when we can swing it."

I cast a look back at the coffin. "I'm not running you out or anything, but I have to lie down soon or I'm gonna fall over."

"It's okay, I'm going... sleep tight, Nick."

"You, too, Ky." She gathers up her clothes and walks out, closing the door behind her, and I hear a giggle. "Eventually...."

Monty leans in the doorway watching silently as Ike destroys the room. People have poked their heads out of other rooms, only to duck back in as things crashed into walls. The Marmurr has yet to decide if he should be worried or entertained. His lover currently stands amid shard of glass, the remains of a wardrobe, and the shredded remnants of the mattress.

Small bits of cotton float on the breeze created by the agitated whipping of large black feathered angel wings. He watches as Ike gracefully picks her way through the wreckage. Even enraged, Ike was something to behold. Her long blonde hair crackled with green sparks, as did the spring green of her eyes. Her features are still humanoid though there is a definite feline cast to the shape of her eyes and cheeks. Short tawny fur covers her body until it blends with the longer white hair covering her from hips to cloven feet. When she finally stands in front of him Monty raises a brow.

"Do you feel like talking now? Or do you want to destroy something else?"

Her wings tremble, mirroring her lower lip. Monty opens his arms and she steps forward to lay her forehead against his shoulder. her words are muffled and he waits until she stops shaking before he asks if she wants to try telling him again. She raises her tear streaked face to glare at him.

"Mon amor... I couldn't hear a word you said."

"I said... Why is it that Chloe, a mere child, can handle intricate spells, while I can't even light a FRICKING candle! I can UNRAVEL anything Pan has cast before me. But let me try to cast something myself..." She stomps a foot and the cloven hoof cracks a floorboard.

Monty takes her hands in his and kisses the short fur on the backs of her hands. He turns them and presses kisses to the calloused palms, carefully avoiding her extended claws.

The Gargoyle closes her eyes, pulling in her temper. She feels the tentative touch at the back of her thoughts, and tiredly opens herself to it. She can feel the tears before she hears the thought.

Tante Ike? Are you mad at me?

Ike sighs. No sweet gitanilla. I am angry at myself. You have a wonderful talent, and you are learning very well. You are as much Witch as Gargoyle. I guess I just don't have enough Witch to let me learn. Go to sleep sweetling. I love you and am not angry at you at all. She brushes a kiss mentally across the sleepy child's brow and leans against Monty as Chloe's thoughts fade away.

"What is it?"

"Chloe, she is worried I am mad at her."

"Are you?"

Ike shakes her head as Monty folds her in his embrace, careful to not press on her wings. She sighs, trying to stop the tears from falling again. "NO. I am frustrated beyond... I am just... Oh Goddess... I am useless as a Witch."

A soft voice touches her thoughts, skimming across Monty's as well. Not useless, just different. The magic you need is more elemental... ask about that type from your teacher...

Ike stares at Monty. "Did you hear that?"

Monty nods.They stare at each other for a moment before the Marmurr speaks.

"Ask Pandora about elemental magics. It is worth looking into."

“And many wanted to see the Warrior, even though is he just a bambino yet...” Miko sighs, obviously tired from his long journey.

“You are welcome to rest here...” Tannr begins.

“No... must go to the tavern, report there. Then rest...” and Miko flits down the stairs and on his way.

Tannr turns and finds Tori, arms wrapped tight around his waist. He grins and returns the embrace, letting Toris head rest on his chest.

“We should rest while we can. I imagine this will be a night filled with stories of their adventures. Mera will be excited to tell us her tale...” Tannr lets his hands wander slowly down Toris back and his mind also wanders, back to the previous night and Tori spread eagle as he kneels between her legs. The memory of her back arched, head thrown back, moaning has him groaning and burying his face in her neck.

Smiling, Tori reaches up to gives his hair a tug. “Tonight Coppertop... maybe I'll pay you back...”

“Gods... how am I suppose to sleep now?”

Tori laughs and twists out of the way as Tannr tries to smack her bottom. As she climbs out the window she blows him a kiss.

Crazy woman...what am I gonna do with you? Tannr sends his thoughts as Tori takes her place on the roof of the stables.

Let me think on that Coppertop and we'll talk later....

Dawn had just brushed her rosy blush across the tree tops as Miko flits into the barn. He pauses listening to the soft murmur of voices before loudly buzzing his way up to Tannr's apartment.

He settles on the rope to an old "herd bell" just off the ladder. Using his wings to swing his weight back and forth, he rocks the clapper from side to side until the bell tolls slowly, one reverberating clang at a time. Tannr steps out of the doorway and smiles at Miko.

"Welcome back."

Saluting, Miko zips inside as Tannr holds the door open and settles on the back of a chair. His arches his back, stretching aching muscles. After a few moments he breathes deeply.

"They come home. Packed up and moved out this morning, amigo Lord Blackthorn and Ambassador Inari received the report, as did Lord Erik and Lady Star. " He pauses a moment. "With this news, I will not be surprised if they arrive before the sun slides past noon. That is unless their parade slows them down. I expect most will not cross to this Realm." His eyes light up. "Such a following they gathered..."

Tori slides into a chair, legs draping over a padded arm. "What do you mean, Miko?"

"^Dias! So many followed, so many camped there as well. All to be close and pay tribute to a Drow raised to Hero by the Lady Star. A sight to see. A *milagroso sight to see.... 'muy espléndido."



'very splendid

“But Chiot... How can that be?” Alise watches her children on the tape, her attention focused on her youngest daughters words.

Stoney shrugs, “I am not sure mon amour. But Keon asked me to tape her so I wonder if he does not have an idea as to why she seems to be able to speak in several languages.”

“I wonder if she is parroting what she hears or if she really understands...” Alise is at a loss as to what to think. “It looks like she knows what she is saying...”

“I know...” Stoney nods in agreement. “I will show these to Keon when he returns.” He reaches around and pulls Alise into his lap. “The house is quiet... should we sit in front of the fire for awhile?”

Alise grins, “Oui! Can you get a bottle of wine from the cellar? I will get the glasses...”

A short time later, the couple is curled up together on the couch. Alise sips her wine, enjoying the smooth taste, the warm fire and her husbands arms around her.

“Chaton?” Stoney whispers. “We have been busy and have not spoken of the night we spent with Raina. ..”

Alise lifts her head to look in her husbands face. “Are you displeased? Did we do something wrong?”

Stoney gently cups her face, “Non Chaton... nothing was wrong. I just wondered if you enjoyed yourself... and if Raina did... that is all.”

Alises cheeks started to blush and she smiled softly. “I did... you need to ask? It was incredible... Raina is a very beautiful woman.”

“She is.... I did not intend to... participate quite as much as I did..”

Alise gives a throaty laugh, “I know. But the look on her face when you took her....”

Returning the laugh Stoney says, “Ahh mon amour, the look on your face...” He captures her lips in a searing kiss....

The sound of giggles can be heard from the upstairs bathroom. Stoney smiles as he clicks into a third video. He watches his girls dancing wildly to something Tori is playing on her panpipes while Tomas bangs on a pot, keeping rhythm. The sound of arguing drifts down from the bedrooms. Alise comes into the living room carrying a pouting Tomas. It is quite obvious the little boy has been crying.

"Chiot, will you tell this little man that he cannot wear his Batman pajamas every night! They need to be washed." She shakes her head at Tomas. "And, *petit homme, tears will not help."

Stoney opens his arms to take his son from his wife. "Maman is right Tommi. Both of your Batmans need to be washed. The new set still need to be altered to fit your wings." Stoney points to the computer screen. "What are you playing here?"

Tomas looks at the screen, distracted for the moment. "Tante Tori was telling us it is im-pour-tent to have fun. Even warriors need... fun times." He struggles over the big word, sounding it out slowly. "Is she right, Papa?"

The Gargoyle grins, shifting his son slightly to make room for the leathery wings folded behind the little boy's back. "Oh oui! A lot of warriors play music, dance, or just have fun. You know your ^tantes et oncle are part of a band with me. Oncle Keon is a musician as well. Oncle Tannr tells stories. Twillon dances. Many of the Riders as well."

The boy looks thoughtful, tears slowly disappearing as he is turned from his disagreement with his mother. "Tante Silk dances." Stoney nods. Tomas looks at his parents, "Not everyone does."

Stoney raises a brow. "Oh? Who do you know that does not dance or make music?"

Tomas puffs himself up. "Nick doesn't. Oncle Mortuis either."

Stoney laughs and hands the little boy back to his mother after getting a goodnight kiss. "Hmm.. I think you need to ask them about that. Nick does dance. Ask Tante Raina and Miss Ky. As for Oncle Mortuis, he dances very well. Tante Silk looks forward to their waltzes. She says he is a talented sword dancer as well." The boy purses his lips again, ready to argue. "Now, off to bed 'petit guerrier, and I will ask Laila to make sure your favorite pajamas are washed tomorrow."

The girls are brought down to say their goodnights as Stoney pulls up another video. He pauses it to kiss both his daughters. As Gracie is carried back towards the stairs she calls out, "Is féidir na réaltaí ag faire thar tú, papa!"

"What does that mean, mon petit."

Laila pauses as Gracie stretches around to see her father. "Mera says it to Oncle Keon. She says it means May the stars keep watch over you. It is a very pretty thing to say, oui?"

Stoney smiles. "Oui, it is very beautiful."

The little one waves as Laila follows Alise, carrying her up the stairs and out of sight. Stoney mulls over the easy way Grace said the Gaelic words. He clicks the video back on as Alise joins him at the computer.

"What are you watching, Chiot?"

He slides an arms around her waist, pulling his golden haired wife into his lap. "Videos of our children. Keon suggested I do it, since we are so worried about Grace not showing a talent. It is also something to save for them to see when they are older." He replays a short bit of the current video. "Chaton, what is Grace saying here?"

Alise listens to the clip, a small frown creating tiny wrinkles between her brows. Her lavender eyes narrow as she listens while he plays it again. "I am not sure, mon amour... but I think..." Her eyes widen and she looks at Stoney. "I think she is speaking... it sounds... like Raina and her brothers. Don't they speak Norse?"

*little man

^aunts and uncle

'little warrior

I feel as lost as a pig in a palace.

Chiara and Star go off with Inari to talk to Tychus, who looks like the popular concept of Merlin or Gandalf. I stick around with the men; I know my letters and can express myself after a fashion, but I'm no one's idea of a scholar. I know fighting and strategy and precious little else. I leave teaching to those who are qualified.

Not that I won't do my share of teaching when Ru is old enough. He'll need to learn strategy and tactics, as well as weapons work. I imagine everyone will have a hand in that. We used to have a man in the mercenary corps I worked with who went by the title of Weaponsmaster. He used to laugh at that, saying no one man could be the master of all weapons; he could only teach us to use those weapons that were suited to us, and if he did his job well, we could survive to teach someone else. He was smart enough to learn from everyone he met, too, so he always had a new trick you hadn't seen before every time you sparred with him. I wonder whatever become of him....

Ru will be fortunate enough to have a whole variety of warriors to learn from, a number of fighting styles, a variety of weapons, from K'thyri's darts to my own axe, from dagger to broadsword. I realize with a sinking feeling that I'll be teaching my son to kill, and kill without remorse; it's a luxury he won't have if he's to be the prophesied Warrior. Hopefully, I can also teach him that killing without remorse is not the same as killing without conscience....

Splashing and giggling interrupt my thoughts, which is just as well. Eite and Ryan and Mera are playing in the water while our party strikes camp. Campfires are doused, tents disassembled and packed away, horses saddled... there's a low, constant murmur throughout the camp. I tilt back the last mouthful of my drink and go to wash the cup in the brook. Star and Ru are suddenly by my side. Star is calm, but I can read in her eyes her desire to be back home,and I'm just as happy to be on our way. Like they say... Fairyland is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Obsidian entertained his children till they were exhausted... Teri fell asleep in his lap;and Pandora came round to take him while Ob put a sound-asleep Chloe on his shoulder and they carried them upstairs. The nanny was surprised they were asleep so early, but soon had them in jammies and tucked in.

Ob and Pandora went back downstairs; his arm round her waist as they re-entered the room... passing among the tables to greet the patrons now beginning to fill the tavern. Everyone was playing it low key until Keon and the rest returned from the land of Fae.

Ob was like a caged lion pacing, in his desire to plan something to thwart the Drow witch...waiting for a war council was hard for him; his instinct was to strike at her now. Pandora felt the emotions roiling in his head, and knew he was mingling among the patrons to distract himself... Ike was awake and helping Monty... although she threw a glance Ob's way once in awhile. Pandora mused how lucky they were to have so many people share their lives as family....

Chiaras eyes widen as she sees Drai stride towards her. He holds a hand out for the horse to sniff, then runs his hand over the horses neck. He looks up at Chiara and asks, “Milady, may I help you down?”

Blushing, she nods and slips her small feet out of the stirrups. She stiffens a bit at the feel of Drais hands around her waist, a mans touch, even a casual one, was something she had not felt in many years.

Feet firmly on the ground she turns, “Thank you....?”

“ name is Drai...” he reluctantly moves his hands from her waist to his side.

“I am called Chiara.....” She takes note of the dark red hair, the long ears, the weapons. A Wyldfae, and a warrior... “Excuse us, I dont want to keep the Ambassador waiting..”

Drai nods, his voice suddenly gone. He watches the graceful way Chirara moves as she walks. He doesnt notice Ky walking up to him until she is right next to him and smacks sharply him on the side of the head.

“Owww... what was that for?”

“What the fuck is the matter with you? Inari sent for her personally. She doesnt have time to flirt with you. You're acting like a lovesick puppy..”

Chiara looked back over her shoulder and smiled at Drai. They must be related, the resemblance... Then her attention was on Inari...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drai joins the group at the campfire, taking a break after a long night of guard duty. He accepts a cup of coffee and grins at the strong aroma. Taking a seat next to K'thyri he greets the others and playfully tugs one of Ky's long ears. She in turn slugs his arm and he narrowly saves his coffee from spilling all over.

“Dont make me set this down...”

“You couldnt catch me anyways...”

“I could... and blindfolded at that...”

“Blindfolded my ass...”

“Not your ass... your eyes Ky... your eyes...”

Ky starts to laugh until her keen sense of hearing picks up the sound of horses. “Company...” She reaches for her sword but Inari lays a hand across the Wyldfaes.

“Its fine. I am expecting this group...”

Four riders approach, Chiara, her son and two of Titanias guards.

Drais mouth drops, “Who is that?”

“Chiara... and her son, Ryan. Gods Drai, stop drooling. She's a teacher or soon to be...” Ky laughs at her brothers reaction.

“She's too beautiful to be a teacher. We never had teachers that looked like that...”

“How would you know? You never stuck around for any class.”

Drai watched as Chiara halted her horse nearby. She smiled at Inari and looked over those gathered around the fire, relief in her face at recognizing at least some of the faces. When her eyes met Drai's the interest she saw in his made her blush and lower her own dark eyes.

Drai is speechless for a full minute, mesmerized by long dark hair and even darker eyes. Suddenly he stands and strolls over to the riders.

“What the hell... I swear if he makes an ass out of himself I am gonna beat him senseless....” Ky says quietly as she watches helplessly, unable to do anything without drawing more attention to the situation.

Pandora's heart skips a beat when Ob comes down the stairs... he still has the power to make her forget everything else... tonight he looks the nomadic prince that first captured her heart.

Beside her the children both yell at sight of their papa... Chloe races across the room,weaving among the tables till she reaches his side; flinging herself into his open arms. Ob stands back up with his daughter and looks across the room to his wife and son... Pandora's smile tells him all he needs to know, and his son tries to stand in his highchair.. .reaching toward him.... "yes, love... we are all here for you"... echoes in his head with Pandora's gentle mental caress.

Ob strides across the room to the family table and the family... depositing Chloe on a bench, he reaches for Teri and takes a seat on the bench where he holds his son in his lap while Chloe leans against his shoulder sharing all the secrets of her day with him.

Pandora exchanges a glance with him across the table; and she hears his whispered.."this is what its all about... and no Drow witch will threaten it." She knows he has his shields up to prevent the children hearing.. and she nods in agreement.

Monty approaches with a platter of steaming food and Pandora watches Ob dig in... sharing tidbits with Chloe and Teri as he eats. The domesticated father with his children... and the caged daemon that dwells within.

The sound of pounding rain mixes with the thundering pain in his heart. Thank the Gods for Allah's Light. He couldn't bear the thought that he inflicted so much on Pandora. He never saw himself as an abusive man, but now he wonders of what he is truly capable. He can feel the Deamon side still close, the pride that his woman took what he gave and accepted it, giving back love in return, and he slams a wall around that part of him.

With little effort Ob calls the turning. The storm gives him leeway to rise early. Touching his sisters he finds Ike still locked in stone sleep while Tori is stretching out kinks, but still stone instead of flesh. His brother on the other hand is up and about, rising early with the buffer of the heavy clouds. Another mind touches his, merely the "laying of hand against the cheek". It takes but a moment to realize it is Silk.

Josi, mi cooza, talk to me.

He opens to her, letting her see, knowing of anyone, she would understand. Her sigh is felt along with the sensation of a nod.

You regret what you did. But Pandora does not blame you. She understands. Do you think your witch would not blast you if you hurt her in a way that she did not accept? I think, cooza, that you are a lucky man. If she did not understand, you would find yourself blasted to rubble. Stop blaming yourself, and appreciate the woman who stole your heart. She pauses a moment. Besides... I think she needed that as much as you did. She is as angry at that woman as you are. Woe betide that Drow Witch if her forces touch any of the Nestlings. I will inform mi amor of this new threat when he wakes.

He feels her touch begin to slip away.


Si Josi?

Grazi. I love you cooza.

The smile that warms her thoughts is more than sisterly, nearly the feel of a mother's unconditional love. You are familia, Josephito. I will always be here if you need me, just reach out... Besides, you are not the only one who regrets, or is.... who despairs over what happens when their deamonic lineage shows. Keon could tell you stories of what he has seen of me... Your Nest has felt you stir. Go to them, they await you.

Her thoughts slip away and Ob steps onto the balcony into the pouring rain, letting it wash over his naked body, cleansing him as only nature can. Refreshed, and less angry at himself, Ob steps back inside and pulls out jeans and a vest. To hell with a shirt today. His feet slide into sandals and he pads downstairs, hair drying in a wild mane, and looking much like the rocker that first stepped through the Twisted Tit Tavern door so many years before.

Some time later....

"That was intense."

"Yeah." I grin crookedly. "I guess we just answered that age-old question."

"Which is?"

"How much fun can you have without having sex?"

She laughs throatily, causing some interesting movement on her upper torso. I watch appreciatively till it passes. Then -

"Damn, I want you. This isn't going to be easy, is it?"

"No, it's not. I don't suppose you'd consider 'friends with benefits' on a renewable basis."

"I think we'd just end up renewing over and over. That wouldn't solve anything."

I sigh. "Does it help if I tell you that it's very hard...? not throwing caution to the winds and making love with you right now?"

She smiles weakly, her voice tremulous. "That may just be the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me." Then she looks down and grins. "Looks likes that's not the only thing that's really hard!"

"Awww, you noticed!"

"Well, it's really kinda hard to miss...."

"Yeah... I kinda expect it to be like this so long as we lie here like this."

"Unless we do something about it...."

"Well, yeah, there's that...."

"Jack, we have to do something about this. We have to either make love or get dressed and do something else. What do you want to do?"

"Eira, I want what you want. The real question is, what's the right thing to do?"

"Is this a private conversation, or can anyone join in?"

I jump. Beside me, Eira jumps too.

Kathy slowly materializes, grinning. Even a guy who can see ghosts can be startled if he doesn't expect them, and I generally don't expect them to show up in my bedroom when I'm entertaining a lady. She's wearing a minidress and matching pumps... nice to see she's kept up with the fashions.

"How long have you been watching us?"

"Since you stumbled in here looking like a pair of drowned rats."

Eira rolls her eyes. "Kathy the Friendly Voyeur."

"Hey, be nice! What else do you think there is to do in Ghostland, join self-help groups?" She looks at us curiously. "Looks like all the parts are there and functioning... why aren't you guys doing it?"


"What? You're young - well, you are, Jack's really old but everything still works - you're healthy, you're horny. What's the problem?"

Eira shifts uneasily. "Maybe we should get dressed... this feels really weird."

"I can fix that," Kathy says, and a second later the minidress disappears, leaving her in nothing but pumps and ectoplasm. "There," she says, "now we're all even. So, getting back to the point - what's the problem?"

Incredibly, Eira blushes. "The problem is that I don't want to be just one of Jack's girls."

"You're complicating things. Do you love him?"

The red deepens another couple of shades and I begin to fear that we're moving into exploding-head territory. "Well? Do you or don't you?"

Eira damn near chokes, but she manages to say, "I think I'm starting to."

"That's a good thing - so let's talk about love for a minute. You can love different people in different ways. Love for your parents is different from your love for your siblings, which is different from what you feel for your lovers - but it's all love, and it's all equally real. Jack here has a problem with love because he's lost a lot of people he loved. You don't stop loving someone because they're gone - and it hurts. A lot." She smiles. "I've been dead for more than two hundred years, but Jack still loves me."

"Is there a point in there somewhere?"

"Absolutely. Jack doesn't do casual sex. It may seem that way - but in fact, Jack cares for everyone he's shared a bed or tabletop or whatever with."

Now I'm the one that's blushing. "Hey, I'm sitting right here!"

"Lighten up." She continues as if I hadn't spoken - story of my life. "Jack does care; he cares intensely, maybe too intensely, and the proof of that is that he's denied himself a real relationship for more than sixty years because he can't stand losing someone else he loves."

"Are you telling me that on some level, he loves Patti? And K'thyri?"

"He's sitting right there. Ask him."

Eira turns inquiring eyes on me and I suddenly feel like a charter member of the Foot-in-Mouth Club. There's no way to win this one... so I bite the bullet and tell the truth.

"Yeah, it's true. I feel something for everyone I have sex with. For that matter, I feel something for most people I don't have sex with. The exceptions tend to be the bad people. What I feel for them is best left unsaid."

"Do you love me, then?"

"You have to ask?" And then we kind of just come together, kissing with real passion while Kathy claps and cheers.

We still don't end up having sex, though Kathy wheedles and pouts for all she's worth. What we did do was to have a long earnest discussion about this thing that's between us. We talk about Eira's forthcoming trip to Salem to learn the tips and tricks of mediumship from one of the best... Mortuis will cover the cost of a first-class round-trip ticket and reimburse Sibyl for any expenses incurred while she's training Eira. We exchange cell numbers and email addresses and, in short, start to behave like this is a relationship instead of a one-night stand.

I'm scared - really scared. You can shoot me, stab me or disembowel me; hang me, drown me or set me on fire. I'll walk away from it, and I'll heal; but break my heart? That never heals.

So yeah, I'm scared; I'm fucking terrified. I'm getting ready to offer up my heart again, knowing how it ends. I wonder... is that brave, or just really fucking stupid?

Eira smiles softly as she runs a finger over Jacks lips.

If he only knew how bad I wanted to just jump him... and how bad I want it to mean something to him....

Her eyes move down the length of his body, admiring the muscles, the flat belly, his hard cock... she sighs and closes her eyes, forcing back the desire building rapidly out of control.

He could have any girl he wanted, a different one every night... could it be he really doesnt like that idea? Or is it the curse, and he really is just protecting himself? It has to be hard to watch everyone around you get older and change... what would it be like, to see someone you love die?... and to know it's going to happen to everyone you love... how would you keep from going crazy? I wonder if Kathy would talk to me? Only I dont know how to contact a spirit, they just seem to keep showing up... Is that something this Sibyl will teach me? And how long is that going to take....

Eiras thoughts swirl, confusing her. Every emotion was played out on her face and she opened her eyes to Jack watching her intently.

“What?” she asks.

“You're gorgeous... even deep in thought...” Jack grins at the smile that comes to her face.

Early morning, just before sunrise, Inari heads back to camp. She sees Nick starting the fire and knows that he is aware of her as nothing escapes the vampires keen senses.

“Morning Ambassador...”

“Good morning Nick. Is Ky still sleeping?”

Nick nods and points to their tent. Inari walks slowly to the tent, purposely making some noise with her approach. She knows Ky would awaken to half the sound but she doesnt want to interrupt anything. Suddenly Ky pokes her head out and grins at Inari.

“Why are you making so much noise?” Ky steps out of the tent pulling a shirt over her head as she moves. Inari waves her to the fire where Nick has started coffee brewing, the aroma causing a 'mmmmm' in appreciation from Ky.

Ky watches Inari as Nick gets mugs and pours coffee. There was something different, so subtle that few would notice, a softness almost, to her look and movements. Ky sighs quietly, knowing it must have to do with Torin. And knowing that as soon as the camp awoke and the sun came fully up Inari would be back to all business, the warrior replacing the woman. There was little room in the life she had chosen for softness or tenderness.

“Would you help me with my hair? Braid it for me like you used to...”

Startled out of her musing by the request Ky nods and gets a brush and comb from her tent. Nick leans back and watches the two women, aware of the friendship and closeness between the two. He smiles at the easy banter, seeing a different side of Inari than he had previously.

Ky had French braided the sides of Inaris hair bringing the smaller braids together in back making one long plait down her back. Inari sighs, “Thank you, this is much better...”

Knowing better than to argue with her Ky nods, “You're welcome...” the rest of sentence cut short by two demifae, flying fast and straight for Inari.

Imp bows in midair, “Ambassador, message from the human realm.”

Inari knew it was important or Imp would not bother her with it. He knew what Inari would let him deal with on his own.

Imp pulls Miko forward, “Tell her.”

Miko bows and relates all the small Fae from Underdark had told them.

Inari and Ky exchange a glance. Ky shakes her head, “I didnt think that bitch would give up easily... but to go after the kids... what the fuck....”

“Thank you Imp... and Miko. See that he has rested and has milk and honey. We will be leaving later today to escort this group back to the human realms.”

Ky wonders out loud. “What is that bitch's fascination with gargoyles?”

Inari shrugs, “Who knows. And there is little we can do now except watch and be prepared. Ardara only knows that gargoyle children exist, not where or who they belong to. I am sure they will be watching...The Drow have captured children from all the races for generations. I would imagine the fact they can fly captures her interest or its just the fact that no one else has one... I wonder if Star knows what she is getting into, taking children back from them... Which reminds me. Chiara and Ryan should be arriving shortly...”

“Oh? I didnt know you had sent for them...”

“I did. Yesterday, in fact. Since Tychus is here I thought they should meet. And if things appear agreeable she could speak with Alise and Star about teaching. And Ryan is overdue for a visit, so I thought to surprise Tomas.” Inari grins, knowing how close the two boys were.

Raina stumbles from the tent and follows the scent of coffee. She accepts a mug from Nick and smiles. “You're an angel..”

“Who? Me? Are you still asleep and dreaming?” Nick teases.


One ten-billionth of a second later, the skies open up and dump the Atlantic Ocean in my lap. Which isn't all that bad - I've been cold and wet before, I will be again - but I'm halfway between the caretaker's cottage and the cemetery entrance, and Eira is with me. We've been taking a little stroll, chatting with ghosts, letting Eira get used to her powers in a nice leisurely fashion. She's still a little freaked by it, I think... especially when we run across one of the residents who died a more than usually gruesome death. All in all, she's been holding up well...

In seconds we're soaked to the skin - hell, maybe to the bone. The shock of the cold water drives the breath from us for a moment, then we're running, stumbling blindly through the rain, back to the cottage, slipping in mud, splashing through ankle-deep puddles... I fumble with the keys for a week and then we're inside, shivering, gasping for breath, wiping water out of our eyes... We make a fine pair of scarecrows.

"Go grab a shower. I'll find a robe for you."

"The hell with that." She draws me down for a kiss. "Go turn on the electric blanket, then join me."

"You sure?"

"Don't be silly." She reaches up to touch my face. "Hurry."

When I get back, she's kicked off her shoes and shucked the denim jacket, leaving her in jeans and a scoop-neck tee, both soaked through. She gives me one look, then unzips the jeans and shoves them down, steps out of them; the tee follows. All that remains is a tiny pair of mint-green bikini panties. She looks back over her shoulder at me. "Are you going to take off your clothes, or do I have to do it for you?" I kick off my shoes and socks, tug my shirt over my head and let it drop. Eira watches with a half-smile as I drop my pants, then she peels her panties off and tosses them to me. "Trade ya." I shove my briefs down and toss them to her. She lets them fall while she sets the shower, her golden hair hanging halfway to her ass. She's got all the right curves in all the right places, but she doesn't have that anorexic look many women strive for; there's plenty to grab hold of and hang on to. She steps into the shower and holds the curtain for me. I follow her and she drops the curtain.

The heat wraps around me, then Eira steps into my arms and our lips meet. The kiss is slow and hungry, tongues twisting and tangling, skin against skin... Eira's hand finds my ass, pulls me tighter, devouring my mouth, grinding against me.... We're panting when the kiss breaks... she turns and reaches for the soap, then she proceeds to lather me up everywhere and I do mean everywhere. She kisses me again, then pushes me into the water and rinses me just as thoroughly. Then shampoo - I don't do conditioner - and then we're kissing again.

When I can breathe again, she hands me the soap with a smile. "Your turn."

I follow her lead and lather her up thoroughly, missing nothing, then rinse and go for the shampoo. Her hair's a lot longer and thicker than mine, so it takes longer. When we're done, the water is starting to cool down, so I shut it down and we step out of the shower. We towel each other dry, then move to the bedroom. The electric blanket has done its thing, so we slip beneath the covers and snuggle close.

"Mmmmm... this feels good. What say we just spend the day in bed?"

"That would be nice, but I'm pretty sure my resistance wouldn't survive."

She gives a lazy laugh. "Jack, you are such a doofus. Why would you think I'd want you to resist?" She stretches like a big cat, fitting her body to mine and kisses me tenderly.

I sigh. "Eira... look, I haven't exactly been a monk all these years, but I haven't had a real relationship in more than sixty years. I mean, you know about Patti, and you know about that one time with K'thyri. There was no commitment either time... hell, if anything, Ky is committed to her full-time lovers. I haven't known you very long, but you don't strike me as the kind for casual sex."

She sighs, biting her lip. "Well... I've done the occasional one-night stand when I knew that was all it was going to be... I think everyone does now and then... but no, it's not really my preference. Are you saying it's yours?"

I sigh. "Call it how I stay sane. Look, Eira, I'm effectively immortal. That makes me pretty much unique. Let's say I meet someone special and we set up housekeeping, either by getting married or something less formal. I'm going to live forever, or damn near it; she's going to live a normal human lifetime and then die. When that happens, all the emotion I have invested in her..." I break off to meet her eyes. "I don't have the consolation of thinking that I'll join her soon. All I have are memories of someone that I loved and lost, that I'll never see again. Every day I have to live with that... Peter couldn't have known just how effective his curse would turn out to be."

She's quiet for a long time. Finally she speaks, eyes downcast. "Yeah... I can see that..." Her eyes meet mine again. "But if you cut yourself off from pain, don't you cut yourself off from everything good, too?"

"Not everything... we have this, here and now, which is pretty nice; but in terms of anything lasting, you might be right." I sigh heavily. "You might consider, though... I've tried it both ways. There are empty places in me that can never be filled - places that are just as raw now as the day those people were ripped out of my life."

She's silent again, digesting that. Then: "I want to be with you, Jack - but I don't want to be one of your girls."

"Yeah. Now you can see why I don't date much."

"Yeah." She throws the covers back. "Maybe you should turn the blanket off, I'm melting here."

I reach behind me to flip the switch. "Sure you're not just trying to seduce me?"

"That, too. Is it working?"

I let my eyes feast on the golden goddess who - through some divine clerical error - shares my bed. "Yeah... it's working."

Her eyes sparkle mischievously. "I think we need to even things up..." - and with that she throws the covers off me. "There," she says softly. "Now you can seduce me, too."

I snort a laugh. "As if."

"Now why would you think that? You've got a nice body... it's obvious you work outside, you still have a bit of tan left from the summer... and you have the kind of build that comes from hard work, not from a gym. Nice cock, too, and looking at you like this makes me want to push you back and climb on... I hope we can work out our differences soon, Jack, because I really do want to fuck you."

"I want you, too - but I'm not sure I can offer you what you need. I won't be your lover under false pretenses."

"That just makes you more attractive, you know... that we can be lying here naked, and I just told you I want to fuck you, and you won't lie to me. You're a very special guy, Jack Stone...." Then she reaches for me and we're kissing, bodies pressed close....

Pandora awoke to find that Ob had gone to stone  beside the bed. She stretched and winced at the pains she felt,although her cuts were healed; it was her muscles that reminded her of the night before... Ob touched her mind... another contrite... "Mujer..I am sorry"... Pandora sends a wave of loving thoughts; stroking the rough stone of his gargoyle face. She gets up and slips a robe on; calling down to Monty to send up hot coffee and whatever fresh thing has been baked. It seems only moments before he knocks on the door.

"Morning Pan,"... Monty sets a tray with a coffee carafe and a warm cinnamon roll on the small table by the door to the terrace.  Monty glances over and sees that Ob went to stone in the room, he and Ike felt last night's vibes just like the rest of the gargoyle clan, he knows the wild sensual night that transpired... and the rage and demonic possession that Ob fought.

Pandora's movements betrayed her involvement in what was obviously more than lovemaking, and he felt Ob's sense of guilt at hurting the one he loved.

"The nanny took the children downstairs to have breakfast and play; so you could sleep in; take your time with your breakfast... we got it covered." Pandora looked at him with a grateful expression ... "Thanks Monty, I'll be down soon".

She could hear the laughter of Chloe and the squeals of Teri as he raced after her in his walker.

Before Pandora went to sit, she approached Ob's figure and slipped her arms around the rigid stone... "I'm okay Josephito... Allah's Light took away most of the pain"... I know it was not your intention to hurt me so." She feels the wave of love wash over her; and kissing the dragon's snarling countenance... she goes to pour coffee, taking it out to sit in the sunlight of a brand new day; hoping all is going well for the party of travelers now heading home.

Pandora wonders what will be decided when Keon and the others hear of the Drow witch's plans.

She shuts the thoughts from her mind now; she realizes she must use care... the children pick up far more of their thoughts than they first realized

She lingers near her favorite rose... it is a beautiful pink that goes from blush in the center to vivid pink on its petal edges... it is winter; and the bare branches do not hint at the beauty it will reveal come spring.

It is colder than she realized, she turns and goes back inside to eat Monty's cinnamon creation and dress to face the day ahead.

They lay curled together in the darkness of Tannr's bedroom. Tori listens to his quiet breathing, lost in her own thoughts. Memories of long ago play images, snippets of the past making it hard to relax. She remembers her Highland wedding. The dress they made her wear, the formality of it all. She wonders if Tannr had any traditions that were sacred to him. Rolling over, Tori snuggles into his side, not wanting to wake him.

Tannr's arm pulls her closer. "Talk to me, Red."

She moves again, resting her head on his chest. The sound of his heart calms her, the solid rhythm easing her thoughts. "It's nothing. Just ghosts of the past..."

He can feel her closing off slightly. "Red... c'mon. What's going through that mind of yours?"

"Would you have a problem if I DON'T wear a dress?"

She feels the chuckle rumble through his chest. "Babe... we could get married naked on Main Street if that is what you want. I don't really care... as long as you aren't saying you've changed your mind."

She thumps him lightly. "Your stuck with me Coppertop... you're stuck with me."

His hand strokes lightly sending shivers of pleasure and comfort along her ribs. Tori closes her eyes, letting the past slide back where it belongs, buried.

Later Torin supports Inari in the water, her arms and legs wrapped around him, head resting in the crook of his neck. She sighs contentedly, enjoying the quiet after lovemaking, the feel of arms around her, the buoyancy of the warm water.

Torin runs his hands up her back, pushing the heavy wet mass of her hair to one side and watching it move in the water as if it had life of its own.

“You're so beautiful...”

Inari lifts her head to look at her lover, her hazel eyes molten gold in the moonlight.

Torin looks into her eyes, mesmerized by the shades of gold and brown. “And so easy to love...”

Laying a finger over his lips, Inari whispers, “Shhh... we cant change the way things are...”

Kissing the finger and smiling sadly Torin continues, “Sometimes I wish we could just leave... not have all these... responsibilities... duties to others that dont concern us...”

Blinking back sudden tears Inari whispers, “I dont dare speak of what is in my heart...”

“You dont have to....” Torin holds her close, “You dont have to...”

“But is this enough? For you? The few stolen moments...” Inaris words fade as Torin shakes his head.

“Enough? No. Its never enough...” Torin gently tips her chin so he can see her eyes, “But its worth it... more than worth it.”

The water is warm, the spray a gentle splash against the tub's bottom. His hands wet from testing the water, Ob shoves them into his unruly mop of jewelled hair. He catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror and frowns. Some of the strands are still tightly coiled, betraying the Deamon's nearness to his surface thoughts. He concentrates, willing the Deamon deeper before stepping into their bedroom to collect his wife.

Lifting her easily, Ob presses a gentle kiss to Pandora's lips. "Mi amor... Mujer, I don't know why the Gods gifted you to me. I don't deserve you."

He kisses her again, silencing her before her words could escape. Her thoughts brush his and he claims those too, with a mental kiss, effectively quieting whatever she was going to say. her feet touch the surface of the tub's bottom before he lets her speak.


He cuts her off. "Let me tend to you. I have hurt you more than you know."

His hands are gentle, smoothing soap over her skin, caressing bruises left from the fierce grip of his fingers. He glances up, watching Pandora's eyes close as she relaxes into his care. Tears fill his own eyes at the marks he has left behind. He traces scrapes along her arms, where her skin rubbed over fine scales on his shoulders. With a grimace he has her part her legs.

The tender flesh of her inner thighs are abraded, strips rubbed sore from the rasp of scale over human flesh. Her mound is red and swollen from the pounding of his body on hers. There are small cuts along her vaginal lips from the constant contact with fine scales. He is grateful there was enough control to keep himself from growing barbs. With a shudder, Ob slides a soapy cloth over her abused skin.

Pandora winces, yelping at the sting of the soap on raw flesh. He swallows hard, Easing her legs further apart in an attempt to clean her as thouroughly as possible.

"I am sorry mi amor. Oh Goddess... I am sorry." She gasps in pain and he turns the shower head off so the water begins to fill the tub when he closes the drain. He eases her down onto her knees. When he gently moves her to was hher bottom, Pandora bites her lip. Shallow cuts mark where his fingertips had dug in. Once he has washed her clean, Ob eases her down into the water. He opens the drain and turns the shower head back on. The gentle splash of water relaxes Pandora. Ob helps her ease back against the tub. Once the water has drained away, he again stoppers the tub and turns the water back to the spigot.

Kissing the top of her head, Ob lets her soak in the warm water while he moves about the bathroom collecting supplies. He moves to the closet just outside the bathroom door and finds the healing balm Pandora has stored there. Once he has things arranged in the bedroom, He lifts her out of the tub and sets her on her feet on the soft bathroom rug. Warm towel wrapped around her body, Ob carries her to their bed.

Peeling back the towel, Ob helps Pandora spread her legs. Pain flickers across her face, but she hides it quickly. Ob's mind touches hers, chiding softly. Mi amor... you think I don't feel your pain? Do not hide this from me. I know what I did to you. I don't understand why you are not angry with me... or afraid of me.

She doesn't answer right away, but winces as he slathers the ointment along the raw wounds on her thighs. He takes his time, letting the herbs do their magic. He feels the pain subsiding slightly as the numbing agents take effect. Pandora sighs, and he gently adds ointment to the cuts on her sex.

"Mi amor, is it safe to put this on your lips? In your channel?"

Pandora nods and Ob works the balm between her lips, worried of what he has done deeper. When Pandora does not tense, Ob merges his mind with hers, gratefully finding no damage inside. He returns his attention to her mound, making sure she is well covered with the ointment. As he helps her roll over, Pandora stares at his bared chest. It takes a moment to realize she is looking at the sword shaped scar covering Allah's Light. The scar is glowing softly, warmth radiating from it. Pandora reaches out and traces over the radiant scar.

"This... this is why I don't fear you, even after... rough sex. Allah's Light wouldn't stay with you if I had a reason to be afraid. That, and I love you."

Resting her head on her now folded arms, Pandora smiles tiredly. "Sing to me?"

Obsidian smiles. Placing a kiss on the small of her back, Ob begins to apply the balm to her cuts. He sings softly, the words in his native tongue. The balm beneath his fingertips warms, soaking into the cuts. Pandora spreads her legs slightly and Ob massages the ointment he has previously applied. Warmth infuses the concoction, easing the stings still left behind. The scar on his chest pulses, bathing the room in light. Pandora murmurs softly, relaxing into sleep.

Ob wipes his fingers clean, and settles into a chair beside his sleeping wife. His tears fall unheeded. The words are soft, escaping on a sigh, but they are heartfelt.

"Thank You, Allah."

The scar pulses once more, then fades back into a pale streak on his chest.

Friday, March 9, 2012

After a late supper and visiting with the group Inari is escorting I'm heading for a date with a shower and a razor when I'm hit with a flying tackle and damn near go on my ass. I turn into my assailant and her mouth meets mine, hot and feverish and hungry. “Inari?”

She hooks a leg behind mine, jerks and shoves at the same time and then I do go on my ass. She pounces, tugging at my tunic, her other hand sliding into my trews. "Don't talk," and just to make sure, she devours my mouth some more.

My tunic is gone, my trews jerked to my knees when I come up for air. Somewhere along the way, Inari managed to lose her top. She's leaving fierce, almost-painful kisses and bites across my chest while I work her trews over her hips. She rises to let me skim them down her legs, her eyes alight... then she lowers her mouth onto me, taking me in effortlessly and I hitch in a harsh rasping breath. Her mouth is hot and wet and perfect, her tongue as active as a kitten. My hips jerk even as I try to hold back... She gives me a smoky look that I can feel in my balls, then she straddles me and sighs raggedly as she impales herself. I bite my lip as she rides me, her head thrown back, breasts bouncing, her mouth open wide but no sound emerging... She rides me and rides me and rides me and I wonder if this is what a heart attack feels like.... My hips jerking, stabbing upward, heart pounding... She lets go with a silent scream and the look on her face... I erupt inside her, my hands clawing at the grass, toes curling as I fill her....

Her voice is soft in my ear. "Gods, that was good... just what I needed." She gives me a wicked grin, very unlike her usual mien. "We have the rest of the night... guard duty is covered," she says. "Come with me to the river... there's a place I know there... We can go slower this time."

I arch an eyebrow. "Is that an order, Ambassador?"

She kisses me again and her voice is a velvet purr. "You're damn right it is, Captain."

Pandora can feel the emotions roiling in Ob's head... he fears he hurt her; his tears betray the tenderness he feels for her. "Ob; I am alright... I... I was just surprised when the deamon self took control... even then it was me you wanted; and I must admit a part of me welcomed the brutality of your lovemaking."

She looked up into his eyes; a spark of lust still visible in their depths."Ever since the night you took me downstairs to the playroom and took me while I was bound and helpless; and we played dominance games; it awakened something I didn't know was there... I... I liked the way you forced me"... she whispered," I was not totally appalled by the daemon tonight; your size was surprising; and there was some pain; but it was exciting too... you wanted me in every way... I could feel how insatiable you were; and it excited me...".

Pandora had lowered her eyes as she talked; ashamed to admit that a part of Ob he loathed was exciting to her;  "Obsidian; my husband... my Josephito; I love all aspects of you... we are bound heart and soul... we feel and read each others thoughts... you have captured my soul in every way that is you."

 "Yes, there is a little fear of the daemon; for I realize he wants to be always dominant and in control; but I think even in that guise you value me... I am yours... you know I am there for you; that I will always be by your side."

Pandora looks up again at Ob; seeing surprise and puzzlement in his expression; did she betray too much? Is he appalled that she welcomed the daemon's attentions? She sought only to ease his mind, to let him know she was alright with him in whatever guise he wore.

 Pandora moved slowly; her body betraying the aches she now felt from the assault; and Ob picked her up in his arms and strode from the attic room to their suite; oblivious to whether people saw their naked forms or not... he didn't say a word, laying her on their bed and turning on the shower to warm.....

Each thrust makes Pandora moan. Every moan makes him grip her hips harder, makes him pound up into her until she is nearly screaming. It doesn't matter if it is from pleasure, or pain. Pale blue irises darken, going nearly black, betraying the Deamon that still has more control of Ob, then he of it. He feels himself thickening, growing in width. Pandora writhes, whimpering, and Ob rises to his feet. His voice is little more than a growl as he murmurs in her ear.

"Does it hurt?"

She nods, whimpering. He rolls his hips, grinding into her as he shoves her against a wall.


Obsidian pounds into his wife. She gives him what he needs, small noises of pain that seem to help keep Ob with her and not turning his need for dominance into a need to abuse. Her hands grip his shoulders, legs wrapped around pistoning hips. An orgasm takes her unaware, making her scream. Ob grins and tells her he isn't done.

"I am going to fuck you from behind, Mujer. Hard and deep." He tilts her chin up. "Open your eyes. Look at me."

Her eyes open slowly, fastening on his much more reptilian features, the long coils of hair, small tight scaling, and deep blue eyes. She swallows hard. Pandora brushes her fingers over his shoulder, yelping as she cuts a finger on the edge of a scale. Ob brings her finger to his lips and licks the blood away. She shivers, unsure if from desire, or a touch of fear.

He begins to pull out of her. Pandora bites her lips against the tight stretch of her channel. He growls in delight as she trembles under his hands. Her knees buckle when he is completely out and Ob picks her up, making her kneel on the floor. Pandora finally gets a good look at his cock. She gasps at the width, whimpering a bit. Ob strokes a hand down her back, then pushes between her shoulder blades.

"Ass up, spread those thighs."

Ob moves behind her, drawing a finger along thighs speckled with blood. The soft flesh is abraded from the fine scaling of his body. Part of him is upset at the sight. Another part is more than a little thrilled. He leans over her back, a hand gripped tight in her long mane of black waves. Ob rocks his hips, stroking his heavy erection between her thighs, the head brushing over her clit. She shivers, moaning softly.

"Don't make me possess you Bruha..."

She feels something pressing at her rectum. She tenses, fear licking against Ob's mind. Confusion also as she feels his cock rub her clit again, then press against her slit.

"Don't worry, mi amor. I am going to fuck you hard.... but it won't just be your tight cunt that gets reamed. I'm taking your ass too."

Pandora shudders. Ob's hands grip her ass, pulling her cheeks wide. She cries out as something firm shoves past her tight ring. Ob waits, letting her relax then begins to wiggle it deeper.

He hears the small sounds of  desire mixed with discomfort in her words. "Ob, what... what are you... doing?"

"Just wait, Bruha."

She shudders as something twists, pressing deeper, then pulling out slightly, only to thrust back again. She moans, rocking to the rhythm he sets. Ob growls, and on the next rock back, he thrusts his engorged cock deep, banging into her womb. Hand between her shoulders, Ob keeps her bent forward.

"Do you like it? Better than a toy... My tail is muy flexible.... You are sooo fucking hot, Bruha. I can feel your cunt sucking at my cock, trying to pull my seed right out of me..."

Pandora tries to buck back and Ob laughs. He leans over her, drinking in the feelings of passion, pain, fear, desire. His balls tighten, pulling up.

"OOOOH Fuck yeah..." His words are a growl and Ob licks her shoulder. He growls in her ear. "MY Bitch, My fucking whore. Such a hot piece of flesh..." One hand snakes under her, calloused palm scraping over tender breast, rasping against a distended nipple. He kneads her breast and thrusts harder as he feels wetness against his palm. Her milk has started to come. He purrs in her ear.

"Oh that is so... yess... fuck me back, Bruha. You know you want this."

He slides the wet hand lower and drags his fingertips over her sensitive nub. Pandora bucks wildly, impaling herself on his cock and tail. She screams, coming hard around him. Her gushing wetness spikes right through his limited control and Ob rams deep, shoving her flat on the floor. He cums, pump after pump filling her cunt until he pulls out and presses his cock head against her now vacated ass. He holds still, fighting for control and just keeping himself from filling her ass with something much bigger than his tail. Pandora pants, lying still beneath him.

Shifting slightly, Ob lets his cock slide upwards, pressing a throbbing shaft against the crease of her ass, rubbing as the last of his seed paints her lower back.

He licks lightly at her shoulder, listening to her breathing. Leaning his forehead against her shoulder he whispers softly. "I am sorry mi amor.I did not mean to be sooo. I had less control than I thought."

Pandora finally makes a move to turn. Ob helps her, gently easing her onto her back. His eyes are back to his normal pale blue, hair the tangled mass of jewelled strands. Dark flesh, not scales, cover his naked form.  Her clothing lies around them, the only thing not tattered is the skirt still around her waist.

She touches his cheek, wiping away sweat and the tears that drip slowly. Ob kisses her palm, praying he hasn't made her fear him.

Star watches as Mera walks towards the river hand in hand with Eite. She knew the little girl needed a dip in the water and Eite said there was a perfect place, a slow moving pool in a bend in the river right near the camp. Keon and Ky were going to watch for intruders just in case.

A light touch on her shoulder makes Star turn and smile. Erik was holding a squirming Ruarc, who since recently learning to take a few steps always wanted to be on the move. Erik gently pushes the hair away from Stars face. “They'll be fine.... you know she needs to swim now and then..”

Star nods, “I know. Its just that she is growing so fast.”

Taking her hand Erik leads her to a fallen log. “Lets just sit and enjoy some quiet.. .its been quite the trip so far...”

“It has...” Stars thoughts slip back to the afternoon and the meal shared with the Queens. It was hard to relax and enjoy things when both the Queens were present. Star felt like she was trying to be a referee when she wasnt even sure of the rules of the game. Luckily Tychus sat next to her and explained many things to her throughout the course of the meal. They had a plan to meet with Chiara and set up some sort of curriculum for the children. They would have several teachers for different subjects. Tychus thought it best to go ahead and start since Ruarc would learn from the older children as well. Erik said that made sense to him, laughing at memories of Tannr trying to copy everything he did.

After the meal, the Queens left, both having other duties to attend to. Titania had left a large guard so the group could spend the night and not worry about an attack. Star had watched as Inari excused herself from the table, presumably to change from her dress back into her more practical riding clothes. Star thought she looked beautiful in a dress, her long hair left down and pulled back simply away from her face. She noticed the looks her and Keon exchanged and had asked Ky about it.

“Well, its kind of hard to explain. I think there are some strong feelings there... but their backgrounds, stations in life, families...” Ky shook her head. “Its all pretty much insurmountable, no matter what they want. And toss in the fact that he used to be part of Mabs court and she has given body and soul to Titanias service...”

“Everything is so different here....” Star didnt understand and let the conversation drop.

She sighs, her thoughts and the days activities making her tired. She leaned against Erik watching Ru stumble around after some wood sprites. The smaller creatures were braver now that the camp was a little quieter.

The peace was soon interrupted by a squealing Mera, Ky carrying her upside down. She was dripping wet, laughing and carrying a small creature that looked something like a blue turtle.

“Mama Star! Look! Eite caught him for me...” Ky set the little girl down right side up. “But just to show you.. he has to go back in the water...”

As Star laughs and walks with Mera back to the river, Ky takes her seat on the log. She looks to Erik, “She seems a little overwhelmed...”

Erik nods, “I think so too, I am sure she would rather go home in the dark than stay any longer, but that wouldnt be safe..”

Shaking her head Ky says “No, that wouldnt be the best idea. Too many bad things come out at dark around here, especially for the unwary...We're safe in a group like this.”

Raina approaches and takes a seat on the ground, long legs folded under her. “Whats up?”

“We were just saying that Star seems a little overwhelmed by everything...”

Raina nods, “She'll be all right though. It takes some getting used to I imagine. Especially when you consider how shy she was...” her thoughts interrupted by the sight of Inari greeting a very handsome warrior, his smile bright and engaging, long dark hair that begged to be pushed out of his eyes.

“Who is that?”

Ky turns to see who Raina is watching and grins. “Thats Torin, commander of the Nighthawks, the one I was teasing Inari about.... I dont think we'll be seeing much of her tonight....”

Later that night, Alise stretches in her husbands arms. Stoney was curled around her, one of his large hands resting on her naked belly. He lets his hand slip a little lower, stroking tenderly he quietly asks.. “Do you want a little one?”

Alise's eyes fill with tears. She should have known better than to try and hide anything from her husband.

Stoney moves his hand to wipe her tears. “Allie... if you want a baby, its fine....”

All Alise could do was shake her head. When she had control of her voice she said. “But it is not fine. Tori says there are still ghouls about and now this... that evil woman...”

“Allie... my love, my heart.... I will take care of you and our family, no one will harm you or the children. Over my dead body will anyone get close to you again...”

“Its not you, I know you would do anything for us... its me. I let that ghoul in here. I should have been more careful. Tomas could have been killed before we even knew it. I could not bear it... if anything happened to the children... or to you... because of my stupidity...”

"Un, mon amour, YOU did not LET the ghoul in. He snuck in. Deux, Gargoyle children are very tough. Even halfbreeds. His body would have turned to stone to heal him before he would have died, and we would have been able to touch his mind easily to help him with the "sleep". Trois, that... woman... does not know anything about us. Or our friends.

Stoney pulls her close. *“Chaton, je suis, mais un homme, une gargouille. Mais si vous avez demandé pour le monde, je voudrais trouver un moyen de le mettre à vos pieds, enveloppé dans un arc d'or. Tout ce que j'ai est à toi. Notre amour a survécu, jusqu'à la vie après la mort. Si nous pouvons surmonter cet obstacle. Imaginez ce que nous pouvons accomplir ensemble ... Vous, nos enfants, et tout ce qui vient, c'est l'aventure de ma vie.

Watching his eyes, Alise runs a hand through the long hair hanging down and moves it away from his face. She can feel the love and truth in his words. She nods slowly and his lips capture hers, and soon all coherent thought is impossible...

*Chaton, I am but one man, one gargoyle. But if you asked for the world, I would find a way to lay it at your feet, wrapped in a golden bow. All that I have is yours. Our love survived, even unto the afterlife. If we can surmount that obstacle, just imagine what we can accomplish together... You, our children, and whatever comes, that is the adventure of my life.

Stoney pulls Alise into his arms, tucking her against his chest. If he could take away her feelings of fear and anger, he would, but that is not what she would want, nor would it let Alise be the strong mother/warrior he knows is in her soul. A feeling of undefinable rage flashes over them. Alise jerks, looking up at Stoney's wide eyes.

"Chiot? *Qu'était-ce? It..."

Stoney holds her tighter. "Ob."

She blinks up at him. "Barbare'? Are you sure? It was almost... ^dérangé"

"I know how he feels, Chaton. But I am not part Deamon so my 'humeur does not even come close to his. First they strike at Tori, now the children... I know what Tannr plans, and I have a feeling Ob will be going with him."

Stoney hooks a chair with his foot and pulls it close. He drops into it, pulling Alise into his lap. He cradles her in his arms, knowing his next words would upset her.

"I would go also, but I know where my duty lies. You and  "nos petits are more important to me than life itself." He kisses her gently to keep her from speaking, knowing Alise would not shift into their minds, as she still does not use a mental touch instinctively.

A feeling of obsessive possessiveness sweeps over them both, again coming from Ob, and a surge of desire which tempers the rage. A shield suddenly slams down as Ob regains some control leaving the couple breathless. Stoney breaks the kiss nearly panting from his brother's reactions.

Licking salt from his lips, Stoney wipes away Alise' tears. "I am not going, mon amour. I am going to stay right here. I know Ob told Silk, and of course she will tell le Sorcier. Mortuis will advise us on how best to protect the family. You know he will not tolerate someone wreaking havoc in his town." He gives her a little smile, and rolls his eyes upwards, indicating the audience peeking between the railings of the upper stairs.

"Besides... I pity any one who thinks to mess with our children." he raises his head and calls out. "I see you. If you are going to spy on your Mère and Père you need to practice stealth. Come here you three. You might as well join us. After you apologize to Laila for trying to sneak off. She is standing right behind you."

Three heads turn, eyes wide as they look up at their nanny. Apologies given, they troop down the steps to stand before their parents.Tara stares from one to the other, holding tight to Tomas and Gracie's hands. Her brother gives her hand a little squeeze and she lets go of their hands to run to her parents.

Tears fill her eyes. "Mama' I felt everbody. Everone is mad!"

Alise pulls her up in her lap and Stoney motions for the others to come up as well. The trio wiggle for position. After a few moments, Stoney laughs.

"This is not working. Hold tight!" He stands, carrying a squealing wife and children to the couch and drops them in a giggling bundle. He wrestles his way into the pile, tickling wherever he can. Finally the family cuddles, Stoney and Alise telling their children how much they love them.

Alise's thoughts tug at his mind, even though she tries hard to hide them. She loves her children, often thinking it might be time to have another. Stoney knew she would bring it up when she was truly ready. Actually, had thought it would be soon. But her thoughts now are on how to protect Grace and the twins, and that perhaps it would not be a good idea to bring another child into their lives. She looks up as she feels the sadness that flits through Stoney's mind.

He gives a smile that doesn't reach his eyes. Later Chaton. I promise, we will talk later....

*What was that?



"our little ones

Pandora has seen Obsidian angry before... indeed she has seen him as his deamon self; but somehow this anger is hotter... she knows its because it threatens his family... there is nothing on this earth that means more to him than her and the children... and that reaches beyond them to the extended family. He spent much of his life feeling separate and different than his desert peers; and now this world they have created together is a place where the gargoyles and their extended family have everything they desire to be happy, and threatening that has Ob livid.

Pandora clings to Ob as he kisses her hard; relaxing as she knows Ike has the children safely away and distracted. His grip on her is almost painful... he is holding her so tightly to him, but she weaves her hand into his hair and returns his kiss, feeling a little of the tension release as his hold loosens.

Soon the tension becomes something more and she can feel his erection against her belly... "Bruha, I want you now..." ...he leads her to a chair and loosening his jeans he pulls her forward and lifts her skirt, tearing the panties that lay between him and her moist nether lips... and lifts her up onto his lap; she moans as the head of his cock penetrates... and he shoves hard, impaling himself in her flesh.

Ob turns her face to him as he shoves his cock harder... and she sees that the deamon still has him under some control... for his eyes are still slitted... but the lips that capture hers are most definitely the lips of her loving husband. She feels the emotion still roiling in him... rage,love, desperate need to have her as close as possible at this moment....

The touch of his family recedes as Ob pulls his own thoughts tightly behind shields. They could all still feel his anger, but he refuses to let them be hurt by what rages within. He feels the Deamon rise within. He closes his eyes to keep the children from seeing his pupils slit.

He feels his wife's attention.  Turning his head slightly, Ob feels her approach even though he can't see it. Her hand touches his arm gently, taking in the trembling tension running through his body. His dark skin is hot and his eyes, as he opens them to look into his wife's face, verge on a change. He touches a finger to his lips, motioning for silence. Pandora nods, letting him retake control of his emotions before a change takes place.

Pandora raises his hand  and presses a kiss to his knuckles. He swallows hard, then leans forward to kiss the top of her head. Ob breathes in the aroma of the herbs in Pandora's personal shampoo. The trembling lessens, the lava flow of rage slipping back under his tight rein. Obsidian breathes deep, taking in the scent of her skin. Pandora shifts. Her lips meet his in a soft caress. Obsidian pulls her close, taking possession of her body.

Ike diverts Chloe's attention, getting her to help gather the ice cream bowls and a very messy Teri to go down to the kitchen to clean up.  Chloe looks back over her shoulder at her parents as Ike, bowls and Teri in hand, ushers her out of the room. The jewel toned strands of her hair pulse, betraying her worry. Teri reaches for his sister and she lets him wrap his hand around one of her fingers. Eyes bright with tears glance up at her aunt.

"Tia Ike?"

"Yes Chloe?"

"Pa'pa... Is he mad at me? for doin' magic?"

Ike frowns slightly. "No, he is proud of you."

Chloe shakes her head. "He feels..." Tears slip down her cheeks and Absynthe drops down to wrap herself around thin shoulders. The dragon nudges her head under Chloe's chin, rubbing like a cat. Chloe strokes her with her free hand.

Ike stops, stooping down to look her niece in the eyes. "Honey, your daddy is vera proud of you. He is mad at someone else. Someone who is not a nice person."

The little girl nods and wipes at her eyes. "Pa'pa is really mad though. I felt it. Ma'ma was scared too. Ma'ma made him better, didn' she?"

"How do you know Chloe?"

She gives Ike a little smile. "Because I heared, heard Ma'ma. She told Pa'pa that losing control wasn't going to help. That was right before she let him kiss her so hard."

Ike smiles sadly. "Your Ma'ma is a brave lady, Honey. Your daddy's anger is kinds scary..."

Chloe nods, eyes wide. Teri grabs a handful of his sister's colorful curls, pulling sharply. Chloe cries out at the yanks and Ike puts down the bowls to peel Teri's fingers from Chloe's hair. Several demifae arrive, following the scent of sweet and milk. They offer to take the bowls downstairs and Ike agrees, knowing the bowls will arrive licked clean.

Finally untangling Teri's fingers, Ike sighs. "Looks like both of you need a bath now. Come on. You can both play in my tub."

After a quick stop in the nursery for a change of clothes, Ike soon has the two splashing happily in her bathroom. Pandora touches Ike's mind, and the Gargoyle tells her to tend to Ob's rage. She had the children safely occupied.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pandora was with Chloe and Ike when Tori started talking; and she sent Chloe to get some ice cream from Monty for doing so well listening to mama's lesson. Her face went pale when she heard that the drow witch had seen the children while scrying... so she used her powers to reach beyond the land of faery.

Pandora glanced to Chloe, and to Teri playing in his highchair.... if she knew of Alise and Stoney's children she would soon know of her children too. She hesitated for a moment; she could feel Chloe probing... wondering what was going on, she carefully drew her veil closer round her thoughts.

Tomorrow she would go to Traeger and get his assistance in casting individual protection spells to surround each of the children; but would that be enough... the drow were devious in all things. Pandora was sick with dread. Ob was touching her consciousness; reassuring her... but she could feel the emotion roiling in him.

Her mind mused about putting amulets on the children; then her next thought was of them being ripped off like Tori's necklace... she thought it would be much better to have the magick woven into something different... and her thoughts went to the sea hag and the spell that bound Keon and Cassie together... the children loved her, and she loved them. Perhaps she could contact her and see what she could do to help... a magickal  bit of hair would be better for the children then a bit of jewelry. She laughed for a moment at the image of Tomas seeing a necklace...not on that warrior he'd say.

Pandora looked up at Obsidian; he was deep in thought too....

Tori looks at Weebit, then stoops before her to speak to the demifae in her hand.

"My family wants to know if you saw the images that the Priestess saw?"

Whisp nods. He blinks his large almond shaped eyes. A frown crosses his face, his black eyes growing bright with excitement. He nods again emphatically. His words are a blur, a high buzzing. Miko and Weebit grin, then start laughing.

Weebit wipes tears from her eyes with her free hand. "Well, it seems you have a fan. He did not recognize you. Last time Whisp saw you, he did not think the Priestess would have someone to sacrifice. We hear you brought a guard to his knees for touching you, making him useless for the Priestess' pleasure."

Tori raises a brow. "You saw that?"

Whisp nods, giving her a thumb's up. He chatters at her again, hands scrunching up his whispy hair, batting his big eyes. Weebit translates while Miko's wings begin to buzz angrily.

"The littlest of the children has lots of curls, pale brown like ash leaves in Autumn."

Tannr slides his arm around Tori's waist, murmuring. "Grace."

Whisp strokes a hand down his face, to mid chest. He places a hand on his chest and sighs, batting his eyes. His words become soft, as if enamoured.

"The middle child has long dark hair, like dark chocolate. Her eyes make spring lilacs pale, amethyst jewels..."

Tannr's voice is terse. "Tara."

Tori goes still in his arms, a viper waited to strike. The flames flicker in her eyes, making the green glitter.

Again Whisp scrunches at his hair. This time he pretends to strike with a sword as his wings lift him slightly from Weebit's palm. He strikes a Peter Pan pose, fists on hips as he describes another.

Weebit closes her eyes for a moment. There is sadness, and anger, in them when her whiteless eyes open. "The last is a boy. A Warrior with wings and golden curls..."

Tori grinds out the name before Tannr can speak past the tightness in his throat.


Weebit nods.

At Ob's touch Tori asks, "Were there any others?"

The little man shakes his head, turning to look up at Weebit with a frown. She bits her lower lip with sharp white teeth, then sighs. "There are two other Gargoyle children." She looks up at Twillon. "Now that she knows of three, I doubt it will be long before she knows of the others."

He nods, face grim. He motions Miko away from the others and speaks softly. When they come back to the others He can tell by the expressions on their faces that Tori has informed her Kin. He tells them that Miko will send a messenger through the Veils to tell Lord Blackthorn, Ambassador Inari, and, if they think it prudent, the Queens.

Alise is angry... as angry as Stoney has ever seen her. He tries to put his arms around her and she moves away, stomping her foot. Her face is red and she looks as if she might explode. Stoney would have been moved to laughter if the situation wasnt so deadly serious and involving the children.

“WHY?? Why cant they leave us alone? My children are not some freaks for these women to put in some...some exposition latérale de cirque* ....I will not allow this... and I will not live in fear and locked in my own house...”

Stoney shiwlds Alises anger from the children who are upstairs with Laila making forts out of their bedding. Tara pauses, her hand ready to drape a blanket over the back of a chair. A flash of anger, maybe hurt, quickly gone, then she feels her papans quiet strength and comfort. Her attention is quickly taken by Tomas' impatient, “Tara...” and the moment is forgotten in their laughter and play.

While Stoney could shield his anger from the children his siblings knew exactly how he felt. He sends to Tori...

Did your guest see the scrying? Would he know the children on sight? It would help us prepare...

Anger seethes under the calm words. Everyone in the link knows he is holding back an anger even greater than the one he bore towards Jean-Marc.

He looks at his wife, eyes now huge and dark violet, anger changing to fear for her children. He can see her thoughts, the fear she felt when Tomas attacked the ghoul that got past the wards.

Chiot, what if they find a way? Like the ghoul... he got in....

He strokes a hand down her back, tugging at the long golden silk of her hair. "Then they will find out what an enraged gargoyle is truly like. No one has seen me..." He smiles, eyes cold, canines lengthening. "in colère meurtrière"**

*circus side show

**murderous anger