Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Shadow Path seems less dark. Keon's mind slips over the feel of Cassie straddling his lap, the warm tight caress of her body. A small smile plays along his lips. He nods as another rider slips into the Path, cantering at his side. Trooper lopes along, matching his pace to the horses.

The Sidhe ride in silence. With a nod they leave the Path, riding into the forest of home. Trooper bounds ahead, disappearing along the trail. Keon breaths deep, enjoying the feel of magic in the air. He dismounts in front of a small workshop behind his home. Trooper thumps his tail against the stoop as Keon walks past.

Twill leans against the door frame, watching Keon pick through his collection of miniature trees. "So.. you going to tell me?"

Keon turns mild eyes toward the pale Sidhe. His lips twitch, only half hiding his smile. "No."

Twill laughs. "Not the sultry Succubi then. Keep your secrets Keon. It is good to see you smile." He watches as Keon picks up one tree then another. "Just WHAT are you looking for?"

A jeweled tree in his hand, Keon turns to Twill. "A gift for a woman who has never seen the beauty of a world her father came from."

Twill smiles. "The woman who brought a smile to your lips."

Keon shakes his head. "No. A woman who has seen nothing but evil from the hands of Our People."

Twill wanders through the rows of trees, stopping at a small beauty. The tree has a tiny bench beneath it, something just perfect for a demifae to relax on. The leaves glitter like emeralds against the twisted whitegold bark. Small crystalline buds shimmer in shades of rose in the sunlight.

"What about this one?"

Keon thinks of Star's reaction to the color of her new coat.


As he boxes the tree carefully, he suddenly stops, turning to Twill. "Cameron's blades... Do you know where I put them?" Twill nods and is gone in a flash. He returns with a black velvet cloth. He unwraps the fabric, then carefully rewraps it. "What do you want with these? Cold Iron and Silver are not something you would give a woman Ke... well maybe the Succubi...."

Keon laughs. "No my friend, they are not for the Lady. They are a trust gift for her Protector. Gods, I only pray he doesn't decide to test them on me."

The Sidhe laugh as they mount up and return to the Paths. At the thinning between Realms, Keon clasps hands with Twill. "Keep me posted Twill. Let me know if you find anything on those two animals."

Keon schools his features and urges his stallion through the Veil. The sky was barely lit when he left Cassie, a mere two hours ago in his world, yet he rides into small shadows as the noon sun rides high overhead.

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