Saturday, January 29, 2011

A whimper escapes Cassie as Keon slowly crawls up the bed. Her legs glide along his chest as he kneels above her.

"Lock yer ankles behind me neck."

She complies and moans as Keon rubs his cock along her wet slit. He watches her face, teasing a bit to make her writhe, trying to get more of him. When she whimpers again, Keon thrusts deep, rocking her back. he begins to pound into her. Her moans thrill him, the feel of her clamping around him making his blood burn.

"Cum for me Cassie. Let me feel just how hot those waters are..."

She shudders under him, bucking against each deep thrust. His hand finds both of hers, drawing them above her head. She struggles a little, then moans again as his free hand begins to tug and tease her nipple rings. He watches her intently. Cassie bucks hard, head thrashing, eyes closed. He can feel her stiffening, her tight walls clenching hard, becoming almost a painful grip. There is a sudden rush of heat and Cassie screams. He groans as her orgasm melts around him, and still he remains rock solid.

Keon watches the play of passion, the softening of her expression, as Cassie begins to come down from her peak, and smiles. He begins to thrust again, stroking himself in the hot pleasure of her. Her legs slide down his sides, clamping around his waist. Panting slightly, Keon leans over her. His lips find hers and he kisses her, gently at first, then more demanding. Small kisses trail along her cheek until he growls in her ear.

"We have just begun, Sweet Nymph. Ye've taken the edge off for me, Now I can bring ye all night long..."

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