Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keon moves the box towards Star. She tentatively takes the offered gift and slowly lifts the lid.

Star gasps when she sees the bonsai tree. Her eyes turn a bright clear blue as she lifts it carefully out of its box. She can hardly believe this is a living tree, the colors are so bright, the leaves look like emeralds and the bark doesnt look like any tree she has ever seen. But its the buds that really catch her eye. The pinks and reds her favorite colors. She runs a finger gently over a small branch, her eyes full of wonder... “Ttt...thank you, it is so very beautiful. Are all the tt...trees from the Realm like tt..this??

Smiling Keon tells her, “No, just the ones in the Enchanted Forest, they tower above the world like sentinels of crafted jewels..”

Stars smile fades and a serious expression settles on her face. She looks at Keon, her eyes solemn and grey. “ you know my father? Or anyone with eyes mine?”

Keon shakes his head, “Your eyes are rare, spoken of only in tales and legends. I know not which House carries the gene. As for your father, that I do not know. I do know of several Knights, in both Courts, who have loved human women and had to leave them. Their hearts are hollow, and they seek no others. If one is your father, I cannot say.”

Star nods, her emotions shifting. She was so happy she thought she might explode of it but she wanted a family to share it with. She loved Erik with all her heart, and Raina and Alise, but they werent her family. And if Keon didnt know anyone with her eyes, then she figured no one would.

Her eyes return to the gift, and she smiles again. Suddenly Mya flits down and walks around the tree, looking to and fro. Throwing her arms up, then resting her hands on her cheeks, her face assumes an expression of mock surprise when she sees the miniature bench that is under the tree. She sits on it, rests her elbows behind her on the backrest and starts to whistle.

Star starts to giggle at the little demifae and her antics. “Mya loves it too.” At Keons questioning gaze Star smiles, “She likes my garden in the summer. Her sisters too...”

Star reaches and out and rests her hand on top of Keons. “Thank you again. I love the tree and it will have a place of honor in our home.”

Surprised at her touch Keon tells her, "I would be honored if you would accept this as one of my sisters would. Truth to tell, I see thee more than I see them. Save for your coloring, you are much like Dell, the youngest. She has the gentlest of hearts and the chosen most strong of arm."

Keon looks at Erik. "Although I think Erik would give him a fair fight." He winks at Star, smiling

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