Monday, January 31, 2011

The band finally finds the tavern. As somber and pale as they are, Ike raises a brow as they silently set up. Tori chats with their front and sound men, getting things up. As she heads for the bar Ike stops her.

"Um... Ghouls?"

Tori laughs. "They will surprise you little sister."

Ike glances at Monty who merely shrugs. "What are they going to play? They would remind me of fresh zombies if they smelled like roadkill. They smell.... musty... dry... like mummies."

Tori laughs and heads over to a table of friends. The snake tries to put his arm around her and she shoves him. He laughs and breathes in her ear, "I don't care what they play... dance with me..."

The frontman's voice is soft, drifting over the crowd.

"Let me introduce tonight's band. We are The Cryptkickers Five..."

There is a smattering of laughter.

"Yes.. the name came from Bobby "Boris" Pickett... We couldn't help ourselves."

There is a creek and chains, followed by the drum riff opening of Monster Mash. The crowd begins to fill the floor. The easy music segues into Purple People Eater, The Witch Doctor, then various theme songs. The Addams Family is soon followed by The Munsters, then the crazy song Eyes In The Night, theme of the new series, Demons. The band then swings into harder beat music from the 70's to 90's and Ike gives Tori a thumbs up.

Snake intrudes on Tori's personal space, pressing close as the sound of footsteps and lightening roll through the room. She grins at him and lets him back her out to the floor. A few others follow, some jumping at the caws. The music starts and they turn face to face, bodies moving in sync. Strobe lights begins to flash, giving the dancers an eerie disjointed effect.

Welcome to the place where all the creatures meet
The last building to your left on a dead-end street.
You'll find skeleton bones outside on the pavement
And torture chambers down in the basement.
Cobwebs hangin' over your head
And music bein' played by the Grateful Dead.
And spinnin' on the turntables back to back
Is no other than my main man Wolfman Jack.
The M. C. of the night rappin' to the tunes
Is the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
There's a sign on the door that can't be missed
It reads 'Enter,
but at your own risk'
'Cause people been reported goin' in the haunted house
But never again seen comin' out.
You ask me if it's true
I'll leave it up to you
Here's an invite
I hope I see you tonight.

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