Monday, January 31, 2011

Morgan sits in the park across the street from the tavern. The parking lot isnt quite full and she has a good view of the front door. She is waiting for the human she bespelled to go in and ask a few questions. She doesnt notice the cold or the snow, her heart is frozen and full of hate. Her plans swirling in her mind. Plots to kidnap the witch's child and revenge against Gareth and Inari are foremost in her mind.

The man returns and relays some information to Morgan. She smiles and tells him to go back to the tavern. As he turns and walks away she snaps her fingers, canceling the spell. The man shakes his head a bit and continues on his way.

Another spell said and Morgans shadow leaves her and attaches itself to a group of college kids going into the tavern. Morgan smiles evilly. They thought to keep me out, but I have my ways. Looks like the usual crowd. Same bartender, traitor to his kind. Working for the cattle, what a fool.

Her shadow keeps close to the dark areas in the tavern, away from any lights and watches everything.

What an awful band. They smell horrible and screech like barn owls. The Viking is sitting with that scrawny little slut... and talking to a rider... I wonder what that's about?

Moving silently up the stairs the shadow finds the witch's room. She slips under the door and looks around, keeping to the floor to remain unnoticed. The baby has been born! Finally, something going my way. But how to swap the child? Would they immediately notice a changeling? Gargoyles... uugg... hopefully the baby is more like the mother... no one will want a child that turns to stone...

Under the door again and back out to the hallway. Passing by Nick's room the shadow hears the passion and whispered words. Outside Morgan sneers, Slut... stupid humans, fucking at any time of the day or night... no morals at all.. animals are better behaved...

As the shadow heads down the stairs and ducks into the darkness of the tavern she sees Star, looking out at the crowd. Her eyes are changing color, orange to yellow and then grey. She turns back to Keon and says something to him. The shadow hurriedly exits the tavern and takes it place by Morgans side. Morgan is full of conniving evil plans.

Could that old prophecy possibly be true? No one could have eyes like that... I thought it was just the ramblings of a crazy old man when grandfather talked about it... Ret'skir'a? I think that was it... But if its true, and she is the one, how much would I get from the highest bidder for her? It would be a fortune... Oberon himself might want her... and a witch's child too... I may have to stay here for awhile...

Morgan turns and walks down the street, her long red hair blowing back in the wind. Her eyes look evil, green and poisonous, her laugh without humor as she continues on her way to her rented apartment.

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