Saturday, January 29, 2011

After Patti has delivered another round, Star watches the people in the tavern. She didnt understand why everyone seemed so concerned about the prophecy or whatever it was. Her mother had never mentioned it that Star could remember. Panther purrs loudly whenever her small hand rubs an ear making her smile. Her gaze stops when she sees the stranger, looking out of the booth and staring at someone. She looks around and sees Pandora, staring back, eyes glazed over and no expression at all on her face.

Worry for Pandora and her baby make her eyes turn brown, and looking back at the unknown vampire makes them fade to yellow, curious as to what he is doing with his eyes to make Pandora act like a zombie.

Nick's hands are resting on the table, one hand around the bottle of blood that he usually drinks. Star slowly and tentatively touches his hand, surprised at how cold it is. Nick feels the slight touch and is afraid to move. He doesnt want to scare Star and gods only knows what Erik would think if he frightened the little fae. Her eyes start to turn red, then go back to yellow. She knows Raina would never let Nick hurt her, but the thought of having someone drink her blood scared her to death for some reason. But worry about Pandora overcame any fear she had of Nick...

“Lll...look at him. What is he dd...doing to Pandora...?”

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