Saturday, January 29, 2011

Raina holds her head in her hands, trying to take in everything that Inari has explained about the prophecy. Her mind is a turmoil, wondering if this could possibly be true. She glances at Star sitting with Erik, their heads close sharing some secret.

She looks at Inari, “There is a similar tale in the Eddas, about the alfar... but I was never very good at my studies. Was more interested in fighting with my brothers than book learning. Erik was always the smart one... but how am I going to bring this up to him? Oh Gods.... and she is such an innocent one....”

Erik looks over at Raina, taking in the four gathered there and wondering why the stranger keeps looking at Star. Why is Raina holding her head like it weighs a damn ton?

Inari nods, sipping her wine, “I understand your confusion. The prophecy itself is an old one, and none have claimed it as their own... but her eyes.... When I return to court I can consult our scholars. Perhaps we need more insight.”

Looking Inari in the eye Raina tells her, “All I can tell you is that I doubt my brother will be happy about this. Star had a horrific experience with a couple of fae. Its not something he likes to talk about, but he doesnt harbor any love for your people other than her. I dont think he will want to find out any son of his could be lost to them.”

“But Raina, according to the prophecy it's not only our Realm he saves, it's yours as well.....”

Raina lowers her head again, “Oh bloody hell... it would have to be....”

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