Monday, January 31, 2011

Raina glances at Star, concerned by the expression on her face, or lack of one. Her head is slightly bowed, her eyes changing only subtly and she is so still. Raina can feel that there is more going on under the surface than meets the eye. She catches Gunnaar's attention and he looks almost worried. Raina moves from Eriks side to Star and lets her hand slide around Stars shoulders and rest on her arm. The physical connection leads to the empathic one.

Opening herself to Stars feelings, What is she thinking? Or planning? Love mixed with revenge, anticipation, worry... the powerful emotions roll off Star making Raina gasp.

Raina pulls her away from the group, “Whats wrong? Talk to me little sister, I can tell somethings up with you. I know you must be worried, but Erik will be fine. He knows how to fight and he has no intention of losing.”

Tears start to spill from Stars eyes, her emotions on a roller coaster. Raina wraps her arms around Star and turns her away from the crowd and any prying eyes. “It's going to be alright. I know it seems insensitive, all this talk right after he proposes to you...”

Star wipes her eyes, “Its not that. I love him, Raina, so much. I see my future in his eyes, and if he isnt here than I have no future...”

Suddenly it dawns on Raina, what Star is thinking. Would she actually kill herself? Good thing I am going along, I wont leave her alone for a second. Maybe I should tell Guunnar or another of the riders to help make sure she doesnt hurt herself if things dont go well. But they will, Erik always wins, always. He has to....

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