Sunday, January 30, 2011

Traeger leans forward to admire his granddaughter as she lays in Obsidian's arms... "Ahhh,she's a beauty... and so alert"... already Chloe had locked her eyes on him and was studying him solemnly... he grinned at her as he carressed her cheek,and she formed a little "o" with her mouth, as if she would speak to him. "I think she knows I'm her grandpa"... Traeger said, and then whispered to Ob... "The cradle is finished, I worked the last couple of days; I'll slip out and get it." Ob smiled gratefully and Traeger kissed Pandora's brow and said... "I'll let you rest now ,I'll be back later to visit you and Chloe."

Traeger stopped on his way out to hug Rowan... "Do you have time for a drink with me downstairs? I bet you're tired." He looked into her eyes and saw the happiness that always filled them when a child arrived. 'Thank you, my granddaughter is beautiful."

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