Saturday, January 29, 2011

Inari watches the couples on the dance floor, a twinge of envy making itself known. She didnt have time for relationships or even a fling for that matter. She notices Gareth watching too and a sadness steals over him once again.

She reaches for his hand and gives it a squeeze, wanting to say something and knowing there was really nothing she could say to make his pain any easier to bear. Such things take time....sometimes a long time. But his friends should help, at least he isnt alone right now....

Inari stood and grabbed her wine glass to finish the last bit before she leaves. As she looks up she sees Keon watching her over the shoulder of the one he is dancing with. She raises her glass to him to thank him. He nods and smiles, his eyes serious and contemplating.

“Gareth, I must leave. There is information that I need to get to Queen Titania. I also want to speak with our scholars about the prophecy. A learned opinion would be helpful...”

Gareth stands, “Do you have to go tonight? I am sure there are available rooms...”

“I prefer to sleep outside, under the stars. It is what I am used to. Please tell Raina that I will be back when I have some more information. She was going to talk to her brother too, maybe there is an answer in her people's legends.” Inari pulls Gareth close and hugs him. “Get a message to me if you need anything. There is a fairy tree in the woods near here, leave your message there.”

Inari turns, pulls her cape on and disappears out of the tavern and into the night.

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