Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ob sighs.

Bro... Don't worry so much. You know she needs to hear about birth from women. You are a guy, you never had one. It's going to be rough enough for both of you when you share her contractions. What did the girls tell her?

Stoney leans back, He stretches out on the shingles, and grimaces. "I didn't listen, Ob. I know what was said so far has eased some of her worry, but... Mon Dieu. I feel so helpless..." His gaze followed the lights of a plane as it crossed the sky.  "Tori had two cradles delivered to the cottage tonight. Alise hasn't seen them yet. I hope she likes them." He grins at Ob. "She had Gargoyle Puppies and wildflowers carved into the headboards."

The plane disappears from sight.

"So... you okay, dude? I mean this has GOT to be frustrating, and you seem so calm."

"I am good. This is easier than looking like my Father. I always thought Gargoyle was my second. Finding I am Dragon is... a relief. I always envied Silk's Beast. I just hope Pandora isn't chafed in painful places."

"Bro... you didn't."

"No! She rode me back bare ass naked. I had a hard time flying. All I felt was her legs brushing my hide. When she pressed her wet... Gods Bro... She rubbed herself against my spine, rocking with the pump of my wings... she came as I landed! I almost fell off the *dios maldito balcony."

Stoney laughs. His laughter echoes through his mind, sliding along Alise's back. He shares the image of Ob, telling her why he almost fell off. he feels Alise grin and her thought Payback! We have something better than the hammock!

Ob touches Pandora's mind, knowing this is the only time he can share thoughts with her. Mi apologias, mi amor... but we have become an object of humor. My turn after all the hassle I gave Stoney over the hammock breaking. He sends her a kiss. I trust shopping was fun? How are your thighs and your, he moans at the thought, your koochie?

*god damned

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