Saturday, January 29, 2011

The band the Gars found is rather good. Their music is a mixture of top forties and love ballads. It is good to see so many people on the dance floor.

Keon excuses himself from the family and heads to the bar for another wine. Monty is about to fill his glass when Keon stops him. The stunning nymph catches his eye. He remembers the young men she is with. The four shifters who helped find Alise. The youngest, a fox he thinks, looks almost like himself again. He is shaking his head at the beautiful woman as she tries to pull him out on the floor.

"I'll be back for that, Monty." The marmurr smiles and nods. Keon moves through the crowd at the table.

The Tiger stands, extending his hand as Keon approaches. Keon smiles, trying to remember the lad's name. Come to think of it, he doesn't think they ever got it. Marcus and the Cat, again the name escapes him, call his name as he joins them. Ron grins and salutes him.

"Appreciated Ron, but I am not in the military. How are you doing lad?"

They talk for a few minutes as the music ends. The next song is slower, not a bump and grind type of tune. The blue skinned female undulates her body to the rhythm, trying to urge Ron to his feet.

"Perhaps you would dance with me? Ron seems disinclined to enjoy the beat."

The girl takes his hand, tossing her hair. Her hair is an amazing shade of blue, so deep it is almost black. Each step she takes is turns heads. Keon spins her out onto the floor and into his arms. Their bodies sway close, mirroring each others' movements. He smiles, white teeth bright against the blackness of his skin and hair.

"I am called Keon by my friends. Is there a name to grace the fair beauty in my arms?"

The woman laughs. a deep, throaty sound that almost purrs. "Blue skin makes a person not so beautiful, Keon."

"Why, because it is not the color of human skintone?" She nods, a sadness stealing into her eyes. "Ah, well I am not human. To me, blue is a beautiful color. Just look at the beautiful blue of the summer skies, the shimmering blue of the Carribbean waters..." he leans close. "I am black as the void, black as sin, I have been told. It is the beauty of the woman I see. Not the otherworldly color of the skin." He is quiet a moment, then smiles wickedly. "You are beyond the normal, my dear, and you are incredible."

She laughs aloud as he dips her. Keon gives her innocent eyes as he guides her around the floor. "You are very... flexible as well."

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