Monday, January 3, 2011

Stoney helps Alise into Rowan's van. He climbs in the back, stretching his long legs out for comfort.. Panther jumps in beside him and he tugs the door shut.

It was a short drive to the Tavern, Stoney can feel the sun's strength slowly lessening. His mind caresses Alise's, touching on the fear and resolve that entwines in her mind.

"Mon Chaton... I know you are going to do this ghost hunting. I won't try to stop you. But..." he sighs and feels Alise stiffen. "Do everything Jack tells you, please... For your sake and our bebe's.. please, promise me?"

He feels the comfort she sends him.

"Chiot! Of course I promise. Stop worrying. Jack knows what he is doing. It is why I asked him to help the others." She looks over her shoulder at him, watching his fingers stroke Kitty Kat's head. "Besides. You, Raina, and Nick will be there.  Between the three of you and Rowan, I will not be allowed to be reckless."

The van pulls into the parking lot and Stoney is there opening her door. "Let's see if Patti can get something whipped up for us to eat? You must eat something Chaton. You must keep up your strength." Swinging her up in his arms, Stoney strides to the door as Alise protests, laughing.

"Put me DOWN, Chiot! I can walk!"

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