Monday, January 3, 2011

"Trust me, mi amor."

Pandora nods, watching the colors swirl, dance as his eyes darken. He cannot take her this way. His spikes and talons would tear her to shreds, instead, he takes control of her mind, just enough for her to FEEL what he would do. There is a heat from his body that warms her, as if he has an internal furnace. Ob stands close, letting the warmth erase the chill from the air. Pandora relaxes as he directs her body. She feels the rough scales of his hands, the calloused palms, stroking over her bared breasts. Her hands reach for him but cannot touch him.

A feeling of teeth slides along her shoulder, a long thin tongue caressing her back, dancing along her hips. She feels thumbs parting her cheeks, the tip of his tongue playing along the crease. Pandora jumps as a wet lick slithers over the tight pucker of her ass. His breath sighs out, warming her more, relaxing her more. There is a pressure, bending her forward, palms still pressing her open. She feels the tip of his tongue part her folds, exploring further. He moans, and his breath heats her thighs. Shuddering, Pandora spreads herself wider, offering him everything. Closing his eyes, Ob gives her the feeling of his tongue tip flicking over her clit, then stroking back along the wet opening of her slit. Flicking and dipping into her pussy, he probes harder, listening to her moan. She bucks as his tongue plunges deep, impaling her like a long thin cock. The feeling disappears, only to press into her tight anal ring. her pulse raises as the feeling of being pressed open makes her writhe.


Her voice is soft, hungry, aching for more. He growls softly, hard pressed not to take her, but Ob knows what would happen if he did. Both in mind and reality, he urges her to lay back, pressing her legs up, spreading her wide. He leans over her, licking each breast, lapping around each mound, sharp teeth grazing taut nipples. Her back arches, offer more to him. Ob urges her to keep her hands from his hide, the scales would slice her tender hands to shreds. She finds it impossible to reach for him, fingertips clenching at her cloak instead.

His tongue dances down her belly, teasing along her mound, as he carefully maneuvers his armored head between her thighs.  His tongue dives between dripping petals, spearing deep. The sudden penetration brings her hips up as she bucks into his thrust. He scents blood, knowing Pandora has brushed along his jaw. A hunger grows quickly, and Ob begins to fuck her with his tongue, striving to turn the blood hunger into lust.

His large hands hold her easily, bending her almost in half, as he impales her over and over. When Pandora writhes, bucking hard into each thrust, Ob pulls out, flicking over her clit. His tongue is like a live creature, teasing and slithering between her dripping pussy and clit. He feels her need to cum, the tight stiffening of her muscles and he plunges his tongue deep, making her feel as if another has thrust hard up her back channel.

Pandora SCREAMS, toppling over the edge. Her lust explodes, bathing his tongue as it delves deep, feeling her pulse around his limber oral digit. The feeling of her emotional orgasm, coupled with her actual explosion, pushes Ob over the edge.

He thrusts himself away from her, roaring aloud as he fights not to touch her. Ob rips the curtains away from his waist and strokes his spiny member, rocking as her orgasm rocks through him. Another roar shakes the night and Ob shudders as each pulse jets out, painting Pandora in his seed.

Still trembling from release, Ob wraps her in her cloak, cradling her against the warmth of his body. She reaches up, and stops just short of touching. He feels the satisfaction and exhaustion, and lets her drift into sleep as he watches the stars dim, knowing he had to take her home before sunrise.

Gathering her close, Ob rises and launches himself skyward. The cold air streams over his body, but Pandora is snug and warm against his body. As he lands on her balcony, it dawns on him that her clothes, and the curtains, are still on the hilltop. Settling her on a lounge chair, Ob tucks the cloak close about her, then soars back to their spot. Wrapping her clothes in the curtains, he hurries back. Dawn is lighting the sky as he settles close to her now shivering form. He feels her relax and releases her from enthrallment, she slips into deeper sleep, and Ob watches, marveling in the Beauty who does not fear his Beast.

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