Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm still mostly asleep when Alise comes tapping on our door just after sunset. I have just enough presence of mind to wrap a towel around my waist, but even so there's a lot of me on display when I open the door.

Alise sees me, smiles uncertainly and blushes; then she sees beyond me to the bed. Guunnar is face down, still snoring, without a scrap of cover to be seen. Raina looks up and smiles sleepily when she recognizes our visitor. She props herself up on an elbow (exposing a breast in the process) and gives Alise a smile and a finger-wave.

Now more flustered than ever, Alise blushes about sixteen shades of crimson, stammers out an explanation of her visit and flees to the relative sanity of the rooms below.

Raina and I look at each other and lose it, laughing so hard it hurts. The towel slips and somehow this seems uproariously funny, especially when we remember the look on Alise's face… I sit down hard on the floor, still laughing , and Raina loses it again, laughing till she's as red as Alise was. Every time we meet each other's eyes it starts all over again; but finally, by looking at the floor or the wall or pretty much anywhere except each other, we manage to regain a semblance of control.

That's when Guunnar looks up bleary-eyed and says, "What?".


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