Friday, January 7, 2011

Rowan is talking to some people Star doesnt know. As she is sitting watching everything thats going on around her, she gets a funny feeling in her knee. Then it starts to hurt and feels like there is gravel rubbing in it whenever she tries to move it. Knowing this isnt an injury of hers but of someone close by she starts to look around. The feeling gets stronger when she looks at the man with Alises friend. She looks at his knees and determines its the left one, and he has been trying to hide it.

Raina notices her looking at her brother and smiles to herself. But then Star is pointing to Eriks legs. Her eyes have turned from gray to brown with concern and Raina wonders what the brown means. She bends a bit to look at her brothers legs, doesnt see anything and looks back to Star.

Star pats her left knee then points back to Erik, a pained expression on her face.

Erik is totally puzzled by Rainas behavior and is startled when she asks him, “Whats wrong with your knee, the left one??”

Erik stammers, “Nothing, theres nothing wrong with it. Why?”

“Dont bullshit me. You know I'm an empath, but this escaped me with all the other emotions going on here, but now I feel it. What did you do and why didnt you take care of it?” Tilting her head towards Star, “She felt it too, so it isnt just me. Stop dodging the question...

Raina rubs her hand over panther, so you can talk to animals, even ours, *alfar, empath, changeling, healer, ….just what are you really??


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