Friday, January 7, 2011

Pandora stops in mid sip,looking at Rowan with a surprised expression... she ponders, I haven't had too many yet, what can she mean?... what is this about the midwife...

Pandora looks at Rowan and it dawns on her what is being ...she would know, wouldn't she? Her mind makes mental calculations and she realizes she can't remember a period this last month, things have been so crazy with Alise's kidnapping and her long recovery, and everything has been so busy.... Rowan sees her dawning look and nods yes to her.

Pandora looks to Ob and sees his happy grinning face as he jokes with the riders and he glances her way and blows her a kiss... A baby... could she actually be pregnant herself? She knows they have been shameless in their unprotected sex... but she just never thought of a child.

She begins to ponder what she will do next; Obsidian was so upset when he talked of a child of theirs carrying daemon blood... would he welcome a child at this time... she was so unsure of herself... of his feelings.

Pandora decided she would talk with Stoney to see what he thought best... until that time the only ones who knew were Rowan and herself, although she had an idea that the little Fae, Star, might be intuitive about such things.  She leaned closer to Rowan and said... "Thank you,its water for the rest of the night, I didn't know."

She couldn't help smiling to herself at the thought of a child of Ob's and herself... a symbol of their love, created in their most intimate moments.

Pandora got up from the table,excusing herself and giving Ob a kiss, she headed over to the gift table where Stoney and Alise were admiring the statue. "Stoney, I know this is intruding on your special day, but I must arrange to talk with you about Ob and a matter of great importance... I need your input." She smiled shyly at the couple, her secret a precious treasure to her.

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