Friday, January 7, 2011

“You slipped in spilt beer? Are you serious? No glorious tales of battle? No fight with a jealous woman? Or a romp that got a little out of hand....” Raina laughs, “And here I thought there would at least be a good story. No matter how you did it, you should have taken care of it, especially if it isnt getting any better on its own. Maybe Rowan could look at it sometime, she is really good. She took care of Alise after her capture...another long story...”

“Its not entirely my fault for noticing. Star felt it before I did and called my attention to it. . She works with Raina, must be some kind of an empath too, but I doubt if she would tell either one of us were we to ask her about it.”

Raina glances again at Star who is sitting quietly, but Raina has the distinct impression that nothing escapes her notice for all her silence and stillness.

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