Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rowan awakes and lays nestled in Traegers arms, watching the sunrise. She had fallen asleep the minute her head hit the pillow, exhausted from everything she had to do lately. I hope Traeger understands, he seems to, but still.....he might prefer a woman that isnt bound by responsibility and is a little more available....

She sits up slowly, reluctant to leave the warm bed and the arms around her. She stands in the window, saying her morning prayers, asking the goddess to guide her in her work. Prayers of healing for the sick ones and blessings for her loved ones.

Moving quietly and finding her shoes, Traeger's arm snakes out from under the covers and grabs a handful of red hair. “Its early, do you have to go? You should at least have some breakfast..”

Shaking her head and laughing as she untangles her hair from Traeger's grasp, “I dont have time. I will try to grab something later.”

She gives Treager a hug and is headed down the stairs before he can object any further.

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