Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Hound stops suddenly. It has been following the scent through the woods a surprisingly short time. The large body hunkers down just inside the shadows, watching the clearing. Early morning sunlight glitters on the churned snow, painting the tiger sunbright. It stops, watching the shadows.  The tiger begins to herd Star back to the cabin, closer to where Raina sits with her cup of coffee. The Hound edges out of the shadows, head low.

"Trooper, hold!" Keon's voice keeps the creature from stalking the tiger. The Hound watches Tiger pace back and forth in front of Star. Keon smiles. Good protector, he thinks. He edges his mount from the woods, its black hooves silent in the snow. "Hail Lady Star, Mistress Raina! May I approach?"

He feels Erik's distrustful gaze, although the man himself is not in sight. Keon holds up a tube "You are an amazing artist Lady Star. Last Night your sketches were returned to me by our scribes."

He sees the frown cross her face, "If you do not want them, I can have them destroyed for you." He dismounts, still remaining by his steed. "I also have a request, if you allow. One that will help find those who fled to the Other Realm"

Star nods, motioning Keon closer. He speaks to the horse and it steps silently back into the shadows. Trooper stays at his heels, watching Tiger as they approach. Tiger places himself more firmly in front of Star.

"Trooper also returned to me last night. The demifae watch the Unseelie. She has not left this Realm. If she does, they will follow and notify the Dark Lords." He pauses and looks at the house. "I would ask," His gaze returns to Star and Raina, knowing Erik could hear from wherever he watched. "if Trooper could scent each of you, then scent the room."

Fear flickers across Star's face. "Scenting you would eliminate each of you from the accumulated scents in the room. He will then pass the scents on to the other Hounds, so they would know you also. The remaining scents then are what they will seek. My Brothers are in accordance with hunting these Sidhe. They broke so many of our Laws, no one of Us is against it."

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