Monday, January 24, 2011

Raina overhearing the exchange cant decide if she should just thump her brother in the head or try to talk to him first. She sighs and moves from the barstool, Might as well talk to him. If I knock him upside the head I will have to wait for him to come to and then he is going to want to kick my ass before any talking...

Star smiles at Rainas approach, alerting Erik to the fact that it wasnt an enemy coming up behind him. “You know, you should be careful when sneaking up on people.”

Raina laughs, “If I had been sneaking you wouldnt have known...”

Erik gives her a quick hug, “Always so competitive?”

“Always so suspicious, even of those trying to help you?”, Raina responded.

“ know I have to be more than cautious with this. I cant have her hurt again, I wont have it. I dont know Keon from Adam...” Erik looks at Star, his heart in knots, wanting to do the right thing for her.

“You do know that I would never lie to you, about anything. I understand being suspicious and cautious, but I know that you can trust Keon. If he wanted a bargain he would have asked for one. I dont know why he offered his help, but he certainly didnt have to. Maybe Star reminds him of someone, a sister, a lover, I dont know, maybe its just because what was done to her was so awful. In any case he seems serious about finding those assholes. And besides, I know you dont know Stoney and Alise as well as I do yet. If Stoney thought for a second that he couldnt trust Keon or Gunnaar he would snap them like twigs before they ever got near the babies.” Raina watches the play of emotions crossing her brothers face.

“You are probably right, but like I said, I have to be more careful considering the circumstances.” Erik watches as Alise accepts Keon's hug and congratulations, Stoney doesnt look worried or on edge, just proud of his wife and the family they have. His gaze returns to Star, and his resolve is just as strong: no one will hurt her, fae or not, as long as he lives.

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