Monday, January 24, 2011

"I would bless the little ones Alise, if you would allow it."

Earthly children... a blessing to all the Races. If only some could see that... A demifae perches on Keon's shoulder, waving at Tara. She gurgles, bringing a true smile to Keon's lips. "She is such a beautiful blending of your lines. Tomas is such a strong little man." Guunnar is happily testing the little boy's grip in his mustache. Both are beaming as they play.

Alise smiles and hands Tara to Keon. He whispers softly to the little girl, then dances gracefully around Alise, holding the child above his head so she is cooing down at him. He seems lost to the people around him.

"You are already blessed by demifae, but I add to it, a gift from one who holds your parents in great esteem. May you grow as beautiful as your mother, be as brave as both she and your father, and carry in your step the grace of elvish dancers. Blessings upon thee, Tara, Daughter of Lady Alise, noblewoman of France, devoted wife, and Re'mi Gargouille, Protector of Humanity, devoted husband. May you also find love as strong as they bear."

Tara coos at Keon and the demifae spirals above them. It flutters to a plant and dances on the table. Bringing her to his shoulder, Keon strokes her small head and back. She burps and promptly spits up on him. Keon laughs as he cleans her face with a cloth and hands her back to Alise.

"It seems I am blessed as well."

Guunnar hands Keon Tomas. The little boy lets go of Guunnar's moustache only to get a handful of Keon's dark silken mane. Keon dances with him as well. "And what pray tell is your wish little man? What gift can I bestow on thee?" Dark eyes lock on dark eyes, and keon smiles. "You are artistic already I see. There is a gift of creation in your energy. May your Gift bring you joy, as your father's Gift has given him such joy. Your Bravery is already in place. May it be tempered by a Honor and Wisdom. Your family has knowledge to share. Learn well from them, little man. I have."

He hands Tomas back to Guunnar and takes the cloth from Stoney, cleaning his t-shirt of Tara's "gift". Looking up he smiles. "Ah, and here comes another blessed Lady and her Chosen."

Ob shakes Keon's hand as Pandora greets Alise and Stoney."By the way my friend, Your cousin is freed of her Contract. She now has the right to accept or choose assignments as she sees fit." He winks at Ob, leaning close. "I doubt we will see her this night. She needs must follow her heart."

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