Monday, January 24, 2011

"Such a pale pink. the faintest of dawn's pastels. It looks lovely on you Miss Star." She blushes, turning her face from his.

The demifae flits from Keon's shoulder, landing on Star's. It pokes a finger at the bit of fur lining exposed by the open collar. "Not real. Only ogres have pink fur. Not ogre." It cocks its head at Keon. "Dark Lord... make it real?"

Star laughs, the soft whisper half shock, half surprise. "Nnn...nnn...noo. D..dd... donn..n't w... want real. "

Keon smiles. "I believe the Lady doth want it as it is."  He grins wider, exposing his white teeth, trying not to laugh aloud. "Humans make the most amazing fabrics, so many beautiful colors. Come Little Cousin, stop trying to make it real. As long as it is warm, that is the most important. That and the fact it looks becoming on such a lovely woman."

He inclines his head toward Star. Erik smiles, though it doesn't also echo to his eyes. "The Fae speaks unvarnished truth, without ambiguity. How refreshing."

Keon leans back, appraising Erik. "You are a smart man to take little at face value, Warrior." The demifae watches both men carefully. " I am not as dupicitous as my Kith. It does not go well with the job I do. I ferret out truths and bring the criminals to Justice, be it as a Dark Lord, or as a Rider." His smile is almost gone. "I am as good at my job, as you are at yours."

"Permit me to be blunt; I know no other way." Erik's smile is just this side of a feral grin. "The Fae have a certain reputation, not without reason. You, Lord Blackthorn, are asking me to take your word that what you tell us is true. Is it then the custom of the Fae to be straightforward, or is duplicity your stock in trade.?" Keon's eyes are hard as diamond. "With all due respect, if you wish for my trust, you must earn it by deeds, not fair words."

Guunnar slaps the table. "Enuff! You two vill be at each others throats soon. Stop it. Ve vant to vork together." He rolls his eyes at Star. "Bah! They sound like little boys, trying to be men." He offers Star his hand, "Come show me Fair Alise's babies?"

Keon lays a hand on Gunnaar's arm. "Peace Guunnar, I too would see the sweet bairns." His eyes rest on Erik for a few moments, assessing. "Deeds... Speak to your sister, or speak to my comrades in arms. The majority of them are Humans. You are right. You do not know me. Judge me by what standards you will."

Keon rises and moves to Alise and Stoney, his steps a liquid grace. He clasps hands with Stoney. He hugs Alise telling her how beautiful motherhood has made her. The demifae, glances at both Star and Erik and darts to the hangings. It hides in the foliage watching quietly.

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