Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pandora smiles as she receives Ob's thoughts....and answers back..."A little tender,but worth it... wish it had been you inside me." She felt his groan of frustration at her words.

She had changed into something comfortable after shopping, and was wondering if the girls would want to give Alise a shower... she had so few things. Patti was wiping the counter and she went over to ask "What do you think about a shower for Alise?" Patti replied instantly... "Thought you'd never ask... I think we should, she has been through so much, and I'm sure she is totally unprepared for how much clothing little ones go through... not to mention she will need two of everything."  Pandora piped in.."Will she learn the baby's sexes...? that would make it so much easier... of course there is always yellow and green in baby things."

They spent some time planning and decided it should be this very week, everyone still had time to pick up gifts... and it was a done deal.

Pandora called and left a message for Rowan about the event... adding an extra message, "Do you know what the babies will be? I know witch women can tell sometimes, especially if they are close to the woman."

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