Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stoney slowly rocks the hammock, one hand lightly exploring Alise' tummy as he cradles her in his arms. His thoughts are far away, thinking of those he would have liked to have at their binding. His mother, of course. His brothers... non. His sisters, only if they left their mates at home. His father was a definite no.

His thoughts calm the babies as they start to move, letting them know he was there so they would let their mother sleep. He can feel the sun's rise pressing him to turn. Panther is waiting at the door when he carries Alise inside. He greets her with his now familiar, "Hello, Kitty Kat." and she follows them into the room and settles to watch over her as Stoney begins his change.

He knows she would be at Rowan's when he wakes, so he wraps his mind around hers, sending tendrils of love to their bebes and lets his thoughts drift.

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