Monday, January 24, 2011

Pandora greets the two riders and smiles softly at Stoney before going to the babies... turning to Alise she says.. ."they have grown already, I cannot believe it... although I should; it seems just two weeks ago, and all of a sudden Chloe fills my belly." She leans and talks to Tomas... but she is drawn to Tara... "Oh,she is so beautiful; I hope our daughter has the beauty of the gargoyle peoples... I know from my vision she will have Ob's eyes and dark hair with the jeweled tones that grace Josephito's head." Pandora looks with pride at her man as he converses with Stoney and the riders... "Already Ob is much better, I am sure you heard of the small battle in the alley for Obsidian's sword?" Alise's face shows concern and Pandora reassures her... "Thank the gods that Ob is such a skilled swordsman; and my father displayed his skill as well, he is the one that thrust the blade silencing the villain."

Bending low Pandora smiles at Alise and asks "May I hold her?" At the proud mama's nod she lifts Tara from her carseat and cradles her in her arms so that she is close to the little one's face... "Sweet Tara,soon you will have a little cousin to play with... you girls can bedevil your brother to your heart's content"... The baby gurgled and seemed to reach for Pandora's face... as if she knew that this was also a mother... and a person to trust... Pandora hummed a small song from her childhood and Tara laughed, delighted with the sound emerging from Pandora's lips.

"Alise, one day I wish to visit and talk with you some about the childrens' birth and what you are learning... some things I have already learned on my own"... she looks at her swollen breasts and murmurs... "Who would think they could grow like they have, and already they are getting a discharge... and the sex..." she looks at Alise and blushes..."Who would think one would get so horny during this time; I can't seem to get enough of Obsidian." They both giggle and Tomas raises his voice as if to let them know he is done with being ignored.... Pandora lays Tara down and picks up the robust little boy, who immediately stops his fussing at the sound of the interesting new voice so close to him... as she looks down and coos to him.

Pandora sighs; it seems that time drags now that she is waiting for her child to arrive; and yet she has such little time to prepare... she realizes they have not even decided where the cradle will be placed... and she has barely started shopping for her layette. Monty had suggested the other day that perhaps the small office she had adjoining her suite could be turned into a nursery... most of her billing, etc., was on the computer... and she could share Tori's office, since she slept during the day when Pandora might need to access the room. Her mind returning to the present, she rocks Tomas and as his eyes seem to flutter, she lays him in his bedding. "They are treasures... we are all so blessed."

She crosses to Alise and hugs her and then returns to Obsidian's side; basking in his adoring glance as he lays an arm protectively around her hip, drawing her against his side.

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