Monday, January 24, 2011

The meal ended in laughter and music. The band argued over the words to old lullabies, bit of tunes half remembered, and the best songs to sing while rocking a baby to sleep. Ob tapped out a hrythm and sang something he learned when he and Stoney lived on the streets of London.

The song spoke of stars and wishes, all wrapped in a fisherman's net. His hand found Stoney's shoulder and they harmonized. Ike took it into an old Irish tune about a selkie and the soft lap of the ocean's tide. Tori smiled and joined in on the chorus.

The babies were fast asleep. Pandora smiled, Ob whispering of Chloe's own peaceful moment. Tori handed Stoney the keys to her Jeep. "Take them home bro. Get them settled. We can do a little car shopping tomorrow night. You are NOT going to haul them around in the instrument van."

Stoney laughs, telling her he had no plans to do that. He had thought about looking for something family friendly soon.

Tori helps them get the car seats locked in place and hugs Alise. "Let me know when you want me to babysit. I found a band that is pretty good, and we have been getting some others interested in playing. I was surprised at the one band. Who knew ghouls could rock out. Always thought they were rather morose.... Anyway... see you guys tomorrow night."

She watches them pull out of the backlot as the shifters begin unloading their instruments. Someone whistles and she glares over her shoulder. One of the shifters is trying to quiet the one making comments about her knockout body. She hears a muttered, "Dude! That is Tori. Don't screw around with her. She'll literally tear you apart." Their sound guy stops by her and winks.

"Been telling tales. babe?" She asks. He just grins and she wraps an arm around his neck, kissing him deeply. He grins and follows her inside knowing the new guitarist was about to be shot down... hard.

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