Monday, January 24, 2011

Food's ready!

Ike lounges against the door to the backroom. Monty was putting the finishing touches to the buffet. Ob invites Keon and Guunnar to join the family, but they decline, indicating a table of shifter females they intended to get to know. Ob nods knowingly and walks Pandora towards the room.

Ike grins at them

Tori had people bringing in spicy things for Pandora. She found a new salsa for Pandora's eggs, something fiery. It is reeeeaaally good! Monty has it warming next to the scrambled eggs. Also have a habanero cheese... Monty almost passed out from that one though, so she will have to go easy on it. Ob laughs aloud. Pandora looks up at him.

"Tori has been looking for things for you to eat. Ike and Monty have been taste testing I gather. Trust me and go easy on the pepper cheese?"

Tori takes Tara and Tomas from their parents, settling them where Stoney and Alise could watch them. The room fills quickly. Food and laughter warms the small area. Stoney begins warning Ob of the trials and tribulations of infants.

"Open the diaper only a little, bro. Let in cooler air and wait a bit before you open it completely. If not..." Alise grins, remembering Tara's explosive diaper change. Ob cringes, picking the image from Stoney's mind.

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