Friday, January 7, 2011

Ob kisses Pandora deeply, then whispers to her under the cover of all the sound.

"Bruha, he is going to kill me when he finds out I called his A'eule. She made me promise to call her if he ever found something, or someone, to settle his soul."

He kisses her again and leads her to the trees. "Mi amor, Take my clothes and tie them in a bundle?  I am going to fly Stoney and Alise back to the Tavern." He grins wickedly. "So if you are going to get naked," Pulling her close, he cups her bottom and rubs against her, "You will have an audience." He laughs as she swats at him and backs off, stepping behind a tree.

The jeweled tones in his hair seem to glint in the moonlight as he steps naked into the grove. In moments a great black dragon stretches out, lowering a wing to use as a step.

Stoney helps Alise to settle on Ob's back, then climbs on himself, using his sash to tie them between two spines. Pandora settles herself behind his neck spine and strokes his scales. With a few mighty strokes of his wings, Ob is airborne. His mind touches Pandora's for support, and he admits to Stoney that he called them when Stoney first found Alise.

Josephito Romanavich. The sound of teeth grinding follows his use name.

Ob hopes A'eule is right. She said Stoney would forgive him once his A'eule had a few minutes with him. Stoney could hold a grudge, and by the sound and feel of his mind, Ob knew his bro was beyond pissed at him.

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