Friday, January 7, 2011

Keon approaches the newlyweds, escorting Stoney's grandmother. For all her grey hair, she is a stately woman with a proud bearing. She hands the bundle in her arm to Keon, admonishing him to be careful with it. He nods and steps back.

"Tellement ca les peu jeune fille qui would poursuivre mon petit chat, oui? Toutes adulte en haut... Et les be'be'es viennent sous peu trop de, Je vois."

She places a deceptively smooth hand on Alise' stomach, smiling up at the couple. Then kisses Alise' cheeks gently and slaps Stoney hard.

"Vous tracasser votre A'eule pour une si'ecle. Virage mon poil gray, 'elasticit'e myself se rider, font myself vouloir 'a vont pierre et pas revenir. 'A cette 'epoque-l'a la d'ecision 'a Relier et jamais, JAMAIS, appelez-moi 'a? Moi devez virage vous en rocaille, garcon!"

She cups his cheeks and shakes her head. Pressing her finger against his lips she tells him, in heavily accented English, "Eet ees done, garcon. You have found your Alli. I gave my blesseeng a long time gone. Do not forget thees old woman again. oui?"

Turning back to Keon she gives him a beautiful smile.

"Come Fae Lord. Let us go, how you say, party!"

Keon laughs and helps her mount the steed that is suddenly beside him. As he does other Riders start to help passengers mount as well. The shifters head off to their cars after cleaning the Grove of signs of their presence.

*So. This the little girl who would chase my kittens, yes? All grown up... and the babies are coming soon too, I see.

*You worry your Grandmother for a century... Turn my hair gray, give me wrinkles, make me want to go stone and not come back. Then decide to Bind and never, NEVER, call me? I should turn you into gravel, boy!

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