Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monty was very uneasy about the fiery redhead and her companion; from their first visit he had known they were up to no good. She seemed overtly interested in the women... and especially watched Alise and Pandora.  He knew he could pick up on her thoughts if he could chance getting close enough.

He saw his chance when a table next to hers was empty, he hurried over to clean up and wipe the table down... he heard her talking to her companion about fetching someone; it was definitely threatening, he felt sympathy for the man, he was no part of her... he was a pawn she used by keeping someone close to him prisoner. He carried off his tray of dirty dishes before she realized he was groping for information.

Monty mixed an iced water for Ike... and carried it to the stage where they were prepping for the next set. He gave her the water along with a soulful kiss; then stopped at Ob's drums to whisper softly..."The fiery fae is up to no good, has something to do with women, the man with her is coerced, she holds someone prisoner he holds dear." Monty says to Tori "Could you check the net about women? after this set?"... At her nod he hurries off... noting Pandora is still on her couch... and he saw the now missing Stoney take Alise upstairs. Where was Rowan?... she might be needed tonight....

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