Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stoney slumps back on the bed. He runs a hand through his loose hair and sighs.

"I am sorry Chaton. I felt pain, a sharp thrusting pain. The bebes... they started crying. So much pressure pushing down on them. I feel.. I don't know how to explain. I feel what you feel, like before."

Alise and Raina both look at him in puzzlement.

"I felt every strike, every cut. I wanted to rip Byron apart. And Jean-Marc..." He pauses a moment. Closing his eyes, he sighs. "I took what I could of the pain, but it wasn't enough. I know I can't take it from you this time, mon Alli, as much as i wish I could."

He opens his eyes, looking to Raina. "You are sure this is not her time? The bebes, there is still small pressures." He hangs his head. "*Je suis un imb├ęcile... et ceci se produira encore…"

He looks into Alise' eyes. "Forgive me, Chaton," He stops as Rowan enters the room, dropping his head in his hands.

"Do you think I am an overprotective ass too?"

*I am a fool... and this will happen again...

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