Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rowan sighs as she gets the text from Traeger. “Sounds like Stoney is getting excited” she says to Star who is wrapping up the baby they just checked with a soft blanket. Star smiles as she hands the bundle over to the mother. She had felt Stoneys excitement and joy any time he was near Alise so she wasnt surprised.

The phone buzzes again and Rowan starts to laugh, “This one is from Raina. Apparently a false alarm, but Stoney is not convinced. I better go talk to him. Do you want to come along or should I take you home?”

Star starts to point at Raina and then lowers her hand, hesitantly she whispers, “Ww..with you.”

Rowan smiles, wanting to tease her a bit about Erik, but not sure how Star would take that. Its good to see her at least trying to talk a little. She must get frustrated not being able to make herself understood.

Parking her van in the back Rowan and Star enter the tavern through the back door.

Traeger meets them at the bar and explains to Rowan what he saw making her laugh.

“All right. I will go check on her and try to convince Stoney that this is a normal thing.” She noticed Star looking at the people sitting at the bar, I bet she is looking for Erik....

“Do you mind waiting here with Traeger? I'll send Raina down too. This shouldn't take me too long.”

Star nods and sits on the bottom step where she has a good view of most of the tavern.

Rowan goes up and talks to Alise and Stoney, trying not to laugh. Stoney looks completely disappointed that his babies wont be arriving tonight. Rowan checks Alise over anyway and tells them it wil be a couple of weeks at least. “But thats good. We dont want them coming too early. Too many chances of complications, so its best if they stay put for awhile yet.”

Alise nods as she adjusts her clothes and then asks, “Where is Star? Did she go home?”

Shaking her head Rowan explains, “No, I left her downstairs with Traeger. She seemed to be searching the crowd, I think for Erik. I am not sure if she is just fascinated with his animals or if theres more going on there. Kind of hard to tell with her.”

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