Monday, January 24, 2011

Back at the cottage Stoney builds a fire in the fireplace. Alise settles on the couch with the babies, tired but happy after seeing friends and family. Stoney brings sleepers and diapers to Alise so she can get the twins ready for bed, a lavender one for Tara, blue for Tomas. Tara is so sleepy she barely wakes as Alise changes her. She stretches her little arms and smiles in her sleep, Alise wondering what she is dreaming of. Tomas is wide awake and after changing his clothes demands to be fed, Alise and Stoney both surprised that his cries do not awaken his sister.

Alise laughs at her son, “Always so impatient for your food...” She lays him down on the couch next to Tara, “Do not wake her up, she is tired and seems to need more rest than you do.”

Tomas looks at his mother, suddenly quiet and his serious expression making Alise wonder if he understands what she is telling him.

She reaches up and starts to undo her hair, the long braid has been pulling at her head and she wants it out. Stoney is mesmerized by the sight of her in the firelight, her hair looking more gold and tumbling around her face. She pulls off her sweater and bra, tossing them on a chair. Bringing her legs under her she reaches for Tomas and holds him to her breast.

Stoney sits quietly and watches, feeling hypnotized at the sight of his nearly naked wife in the firelight. The fire gives a warm glow to Alises hair, her skin. Stoneys eyes are hot and full of need as he watches, his eyes lingering on Alises breasts. She looks up to say something and seeing the look on his face says, “Come here, mon amour. Come close to me...”

Stoney rises and goes to Alise kneeling in front of her. He kisses her passionately, his hands trailing down her neck then just lightly over a breast, causing Alise to shiver and eliciting a groan from Stoney.

Their eyes meet and Alise gives Stoney a naughty little grin. “Let me get these two settled for the night. I think their papa needs a little attention....”

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