Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting dressed again Raina glances at Nick, who is laying on her bed watching her. When their eyes meet, images from the last couple of hours flash through Rainas mind. Nicks smile as he takes her shirt off, the look in his eyes when she sucked hard on his throbbing cock. The way he had buried his hands in her hair when he exploded in her mouth. The feel of his hands on her hips when he bent her over the bed and pounded furiously into her. The whispered 'I love yous' in the dark.....

Nick reaches for her hand and starts to kiss the inside of her wrist. “Are you all right? You seem ...I dont know...pensive?”

“I dont know, just a feeling. You know, like something is going to happen, but I dont know what.” Raina gathers her hair, putting it into a long ponytail.

“Hhmm...I hate it when you get those. You're usually right. Maybe we should head downstairs.” Nick stands and reaches for his clothes. Pulling Raina close he whispers, “We can continue this later.”

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