Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alise awakens to Stoney rubbing furiously at something on his shirt. “Mon amour, what is wrong with your shirt?”

“Our son just baptized me.... but they are both changed and probably hungry. Do you want me to bring them to you?” Stoney gave up scrubbing at his shirt and took it off, looking for a clean one in the dresser.

Never tiring of watching him or how good he looks without his clothes Alise takes her time replying. “You must have put me to bed. I want to be with them near the fire. Tara might get cold and Rowan says she must stay warm.” Alise moves to the pillows and gathers Tara in her arms, wanting to feed her first, afraid that something will happen to her because she was so small.

As Tara starts to suckle, Alise moves Tomas closer, so she can stroke his blonde curls, “*Soyez petit homme patient, les dames en premier.

Stoneys gaze never strays from his new family as he pulls on a clean shirt. His mind gently touches Alises, She will be fine Allie. She is strong, just small, like her maman...

*Be patient little man, the ladies in first

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