Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pandora admires Ob from across the room as he talks with Silk.. .she feels much better knowing she is here. Monty comes bearing her food... Fajitas; chicken and onions and bell pepper in a spicy glaze... and steaming tortillas to wrap the meat in. She smiles gratefully at the acompanying tall glass of icy water.

She is so happy... the man she loves, bearing his daughter... life is an enchanted dream. She is wearing a  dress of indian gauze that drapes gracefully and fits her style... and its high bodice lends itself to hiding her growing girth beneath the blue toned folds. Tonight she had woven her now long locks into a braid that lies down one side of her shoulder; she is so pleased to have her hair the way she wants it without the growing out process, although poor Rachal got in terrible trouble for granting her wish.

Pandora takes a first bite of the wondrous smelling food and feels Chloe kick... as if excited about the coming spicy meal.

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