Monday, January 24, 2011

I wake, stretching.

I breathe in the scent of great sex, and the personal scent of Mortuis. A soft sigh escapes my lips. as I roll over and press against him. My fingers play in the soft waves and curls that no one ever sees. I smile, feeling a curl wrap around my fingertip.I can still feel the dampness from our passion.

A small laugh escapes as the image of Mortuis throwing me over his shoulder drifts through my mind. I didn't fight much. Just enough to make him hold on tight. I think I bounced once or twice when I hit the mattress. Of course the bed bounced harder once we got down to reacquainting ourselves with each other's hungers.

I can't resist. My lips caress the hairs on his chest. I lick the salty tang off his nipples, scraping my teeth over the tender buds. I feel his intake of breath more than hear it. His hands cup my face, turning it up. My eyes close as his mouth claims mine. His kiss erases all thoughts of getting up. Well... all thoughts except one.

My hand reaches between us, capturing his arousal and making him moan. Oh yeeessss.... I rub against him and moan as his hands begin their trek over my curves.

Gods and Goddesses...

I melt into his touch, feeding his need with my own. I push him flat and straddle his hips. Guiding his  hard length into me, I begin to rock, riding him harder, faster, until I hear his breath panting, feel him twitching inside me. My own orgasm trembles on the brink. Mortuis' fingers bite harder into my hips, forcing me to match the pace he wants. I arc and he lunges up with his hips, shoving deep inside. My own panting turns into screams as I buck and ride him. He throbs, twitching in the tight grip of my quim, blasting deep. The scalding heat has my muscles sucking him dry.

I moan and collapse on his chest. It takes a moment to  catch my breath.

"Sleep well, *mi amante?"

*my lover

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