Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Raina and Ky lay back on the sofa laughing and spent. Once they got home the couch was as far as they made it before ripping each others clothes off.

Raina pulls Ky close, pushing the riot of red curls back and kissing her forehead. “Damn....” she laughs softly, “that was sooo good, I doubt if I can walk...”

Laughing in return, Ky snuggles close. “I love you... and Nick... and Gareth....”

“I know... me too... this is prefect. Well, for us anyway.”

Ky nods. “As long as you all understand that sometimes I have to go back to Faerie. I cant really explain it. Its just like something draws me there and to the fighting on the Unformed Plane....”

Her eyes turning serious, Raina nods. “We know. And I understand. Gareth does too, although I am not sure if Nick completely gets it, but he would never want you to stay if it were going to make you unhappy. We just worry about you. Last time you were gone Gareth knew you had been hurt. It was torture waiting to hear news.”

“I know. I'm sorry...” Ky spoons against Raina, enjoying the feel of her lovers arms around her.

“It's all right. Dont be sorry. Its just the way things are.” Raina laughs again as she pushes a handful of curls out of her face. “This hair.....”

“I can cut it off if you want. I dont like it so no big deal...”

“Dont you dare. I'm just teasing, I love it. So does Nick..”

“Speaking of... I need to ask you something.” Ky turns slightly to look at Raina.

“Sure. Shoot.” Raina's hand lazily tracing through Ky's hair.

“Can I borrow Nick tonight? I mean... would you mind if... I mean....” Ky isnt quite sure how to phrase the question, unsure of what Raina would say.

“Of course you can. You dont have to ask. I can make myself scarce and you can grab him the minute he comes out of our room. I wanted to go see my nephew so the timing is perfect.”

“Are you sure?” Ky asks, with a wicked grin and gleam in her eyes.

“Yes, Ky. I'm positive. Just dont be surprised if one of these times Gareth or I dont join in... or maybe both of us.”

Rainas comment leaves the pair giggling and whispering about the possibilities like two schoolgirls. Until they hear the front door open and close and someone heading upstairs, trying to be quiet.

“Its Gareth. And he's alone...” Raina grins.

“Should we?” asks Ky.

Standing Raina pulls Ky up and the pair head up the stairs after Gareth.

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